Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We had a great Father's Day this year! 

After a somewhat leisurely morning where we gave Daddy Daryl his cards (and Dunkin Donuts gift card and pics of him and his babies) in bed, I then made everyone breakfast (eggs, ham and toast), Daryl washed the car while I pushed Hunter around in his toy car, while carrying Avery. We all enjoyed the beautiful morning.

Then after showers and getting the fam dressed, I packed up some snacks (cheese and crackers, fresh strawberries and blueberries, Kashi granola bars and cheezits) and off we headed to a winery in Brookfield, CT.  They do wine tastings for $6/person and you get your choice of six different wines off their list.  Daryl pretty much tried all the darker stuff while I chose a dry white, a blush, a red, and 3 specialty wines.  Can I say "Mmmmmmmmm?!?!?!" The Autumn Harvest was my absolute favorite and definitely different from any other wine I've ever tried before! It is served cold and tasted of cinnamon, and pumpkin, honey and spices and was delish! It was like Autumn in a wine glass and I momentarily forgot that I was wearing flip flops, a tank top and shorts, feeling the warm sunshine beat down outside and was instead transported to cool crisp breezes and the scent of burning leaves floating on the air, and the taste of pumpkin in my mouth. SO GOOD. 

We left with our four bottles of wine (there was a pomegranate port that Daryl LOVED and he ended up wanting two bottles of it!) and decided to make a diaper-change and nursing pit stop at a commuter lot before heading back towards home. 

Our friends Todd and Mindy, and their three kids, came over around four thirtyish and we fired up the grill. Our family had big steaks that Daryl had marinated and Todd's family had a big rack of barbecued ribs and I made some Bush's baked beans (Southern Pit Barbecue...SO delicious) and steamed veggies on the side. Earlier in the day, we thought we were going to go swimming in the lake but it was such a beautiful, not overly-hot day, that the adults decided not to. The kids played outside riding cars, messing around with the bird bath and generally having an awesome, dirty time.

Pretty CJ "babysitting" Avery while I got parts of dinner together.

The boys LOVED when Daryl ran them down the hill in the car.

TJ, SO CUTE! Avery's possible husband someday!

Hunter kept running off to the nearby puddle and trying to throw rocks in it.

Tucker helped, by cleaning up some spilled Corona.

And the boys getting clean! THEY were clean afterward but sadly, my tub was NOT.

ALL three boys tried to cram into the car...I swear it looked like a clown car at one point.
 We plopped the three baby boys (Hunter, his friend Anthony who is 6 months older and TJ who is 1 year old) in the tub but by this time we had three VERY tired pissed off boys who wanted to be back outside playing so there were separate meltdowns going on. And Avery had her screaming moments throughout the afternoon (I'm almost convinced she might be starting up with teething...SIGH) so by the end of the day, I was ONE TIRED MOMMY.

But I asked Daryl that night as we laid in bed if he enjoyed his Father's Day and his reply? "Definitely!"  So a belated Happy Father's Day to all you Daddies out there!

P.S. I spent a GOOD portion of the day thinking about, and missing, MY Daddy. Happy Father's Day, Dad! Hope you are smiling down at us!

Friday, June 17, 2011

  • What a dreary, yucky day. Especially becuz it's my day off AND I had erands to run and not sure if I'm going to now. Blah. I really hate dragging the kids out in the pouring rain. What to do, what to do...
  • Went to my boss (she is a ND) as a patient this week to discuss my nutrition while nursing, and the fact that I've been dizzy. I had bloodwork done also to check my Vitamin D and B-12 levels. (The pediatrician wanted me to give Avery Vitamin D drops becuz she is almost exclusively breastfed--she's only had formula maybe like 2-3 times?--but I never did this with Hunter. I asked my boss what her thoughts were on this and she said baby can get Vitamin D through my milk so before she recommended i take a supplement, she wanted to check my levels. Well, my D and B-12 levels are too low.  Plus after I showed her a food diary I kept for like 3-4 days she determined I'm not eating nearly enough, and definitely not enough protein and good fats, while nursing. This could definitely account for dizziness and feeling drained. So now I'm making an effort to eat more protein, snack more and make healthier food choices (and more veggies cuz I was seriously lacking in that department too!). And she is gonna help me focus on weight loss cuz I need to lose like 30 pounds to be a healthy weight for my height (and to make me feel better).  I'm so happy to finally be paying attention to my OWN health and that I'm making an effort to take care of myself. As Mom's I think it's so easy for us to let ourselves fall by the wayside as we focus on taking care of kids, husbands, SO's, pets, etc.....
  • I'm LOVING my new car so much. The gas mileage is great compared to my last car. I got gas last Saturday and have been driving the HELL out of it all week, and I think I still have a little less than a quarter of a tank left.
  • One of my favorite shows strarted back up this week, SYTYCD! LOVE IT! And I'm impressed with the level of ALL their dancers this year...it's gonna be a tough season to narrow it down to a winner.
  • Avery rolled over for the first time earlier this week, I think it was Monday night? And she hasn't stopped rolling over since! The other day at my mom's, I put her in the swing and didn't buckle her in cuz my mom was LITERALLY gonna take her out in a few seconds after warming up a bottle of breastmilk (I was getting myself ready to leave for work, after dropping them off) and just as I turned my back she flipped over in the swing and shimmied her whole body down and had her legs dangling off when I heard my mom cry out in surprise, "April, look at her!" And she ran over and scooped her out of the swing before she fell out. HEART ATTACK, kid.
  • My hubby is the bomb! HE bought me a Kindle yesterday with some extra money he made doing a side job...and I was so impressed that he listened when I said I wanted one. Ha ha. Now, I just have to figure out how to USE the thing.
  • For more tasty tidbits, go check out Danifred's!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Avery,
Say it with me now, you are...THREE MONTHS OLD.

 I can't understand how three months has seemed like it's gone by in three minutes. I look at you and I want to freeze time, so as not to miss ANY SECOND of you, my baby girl.

 You are growing like a weed. Already I'm putting you in some six months onesies and outfits (although you still fit into certain 3 months, based on styles/brands).  You are an excellent nurser, and eat anywhere from 2-4 hour intervals.  When you get a bottle of breast milk you are downing about 4-5 ounces at a time!  You've moved up to Size 2 diapers.  Mommy LOVES your Buddha belly and chunky thighs. And we can't forget that chin. Daddy joked, "I can't wait till Avery has a NECK!" Your poor little chunky rolls trap in all the dirt!
 You are such a sweet, love-able girl! You are so patient when anyone smooches and loves on you. And you LOVE to laugh and smile.  Your cooing is taking on a "conversation" quality. When we talk to you, you goo and gah back as if you are responding to what we've said.  And your coordination is getting better. It was probably a fluke thing but you were looking at the pearls on Mommy's shirt the other day, giggling, when you suddenly reached out a determined hand and grabbed a hunk of shirt and pearls in hand!
You have definitely found your fists and spend good portions of the day sucking and gnawing on them. You are NOT a lover of the pacifier though and usually spit it right back out, so Mommy has pretty much given up on it.

You are a Mommy's girl, through and through, Avery.

You could be crying and fussing in someone else's arms and as soon as you are handed over to your mother, you instantly quiet. While this is certainly flattering, sweet girl, it makes Mom crazy sometimes when all I want is a moment to pee in privacy or grab a bite of food. But then I look down at your round cheeks and smiling lips and I can't help but kiss you and be thankful for my Momma's Girl!
You had your first dip in a body of water bigger than a baby tub, recently! Granted, only your piggies and calves were dipped into it, but you were so mellow and calm and seemed to enjoy it.  We are going to take you for a dip in the lake soon as well!

One thing you DO NOT like at all is going in your car seat. You are a baby who loves motion so as long as we are driving in the car, you tolerate it, but as soon as the vehicle stops OR if we DARE place your car seat somewhere that isn't moving, you instantly get mad and cry out your frustrations. 

You still don't really like belly time and when ON your belly, you don't much lift your head. However, when we hold you against our chests, you have no problem lifting up your neck/head and swiveling it around to check out the world around you.  While you still haven't rolled over, you do wiggle a lot and in the pack n play you can turn your body a bit.  Night time you are swaddled for sleep and it settles you right down. Now that Mommy wants to start trying for more of a nap routine, she is contemplating swaddling you for your daytime naps as well. You love the swing (and again, the motion!) but it's not always easy to nap in it becuz your brother is pretty loud and often startles you awake.  We still have you in the bassinett in Mommy and Daddy's room and I often find myself laughing at this. Hunter had already been in his crib in his own room for about 5-6 weeks by this point. But you are now the baby, little girl, and my LAST baby, and I'm finding it hard to make the switch to the crib!

Speaking of your brother, you definitely are a fan of Hunter and often your eyes will follow him all around the room.  You smile and giggle at his antics and it makes Mommy happy that you already love your big brother!

Avery, I love you with all my heart and soul and the longer we have with you, the more thankful I am for the joy you (and your brother!) bring to our lives!  Many hugs and kisses, my beautiful baby girl.

Love Always,

Your Mommy, Daddy and brother, Hunter

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Had fun with the babies today. I wanted to video tape Avery but of course Hunter had to get in on the action. And since he was a good boy today--no tantrums!!--I obliged!! Enjoy!

OH, and please disregard the piles of clean laundry all over! LOL Eventually I'll get around to putting them away. (One more thing, the lovely bruise on his forehead was from his most recent head-banging yesterday. That deserves all it's own post coming soon.)

Friday, June 10, 2011

  • On Wednesday, Big D and I (with his young aunt and uncle) went to see the Red Sox beat the Yankees at Yankee Stadium in NY. Awesome game! Free tix! The Red Sox won!
  • This week felt both simultaneously fast and slow. HOW is that possible?
  • Hunter got a hand-me-down car (the kind kids sit in and use their feet to "drive") this week and he's been playing in it NONSTOP.  It's so stinkin' cute to watch!

  • We went swimming in the lake tonight after Big D got home from work. How relaxed I'm feeling now! Aaaaahhhhhh....

  • We're having Chinese food for dinner tonight. We had take-out pizza one night, and frozen pizza another night.  Can you tell nobody feels much like cooking this week? Although in our defense, it's been crazy busy with work and life this week.

  • My Mommy's 57th birthday is today!

  • I went to the dentist on Monday for a cleaning. I have TWO CAVITIES. Boo.  But on a happy note, I got a new toothbrush. *SIGH*
  • I'm pretty tired after this week and not very wordy.  I need some sleep!!!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

  • I've turned into a really shitty blogger. I am lucky to only have like one post a week...my FNL posts!! And obviously I can't get my FNL posted on a Friday cuz here it is Saturday night. Close enough, right?
  • Hunter and I were surprised by a very cool sight earlier in the week, out our back door: a wild (HUGE) mama goose and her adorable fuzzy babies!
  •  Tucker was impressed too!
  • I had THE BEST martini ever last Sunday night. A Better Than Sex Martini. Was it better than sex? Well, that might be a slight exxageration. Was it delicious as HELL? Oh yes!
  • I hopped on the scale at work the other day to see that...I LOST AN ADDITIONAL FIVE POUNDS! Woo to the freakin' HOO! I'm now 2 pounds BELOW my pre-preggo (#2) weight and so happy. But I still have a long way to go to get to my goal, of course.
  • I'm planning on going swimming in the lake this weekend. I'm a total sissy about cold water so this should be interesting!
  • I seriously could drink smoothies every day. SO yummy.  And I've turned my son into a smoothie-fiend. When he sees me break out the blender, he excitedly starts to cry out, "Moo-ee! Moo-ee!" I'm already dreaming about tomorrow's smoothie lovin'!
  • I got a new car this week!!! Yahoooooooo! We traded in the shitty used Saturn (it's been in the shop like FIFTEEN TIMES since we got it not quite a year ago) for a *DRUMROLL PLEASE* 2011 silver Ford Fusion. AND.  I.  AM.  IN.  LOVE.  It's such a smooth ride, it's pretty, it's still roomy in the backseat with both car seats, it has a SUN ROOF, and I am like a pimp in that thing when the radio is on and the bass is booming. Oh and did I mention, I've NEVER HAD A NEW CAR before in my life, until now? I love it!
  • Love my hubby for picking out my new car (I had no interest whatsoever in that process. I just told him to get rid of the Saturn and get me something GOOD and realiable.)
  • Hunter tried to get on the bloggin' fun this week:
  • Avery is getting SO, SO fun. She smiles all the time now and her laughter? Contagious! She giggled SO loud the other night that I couldn't help but laugh back. And she LOVES big brother...she gazes at him and smiles and laughs even when he is not even paying the slight bit of attention to her. Then I point out ot him that she is smiling at him and he kisses her head and excitedly  says, "Sissy!" which actually sounds more like "Thithy!" He's such a good brother.
  • Avery has been mistaken for a boy TWICE this week. Which is why I've been dressing her like THIS the past two days, pretty in pink, LOL:
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