Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Avery,
Say it with me now, you are...THREE MONTHS OLD.

 I can't understand how three months has seemed like it's gone by in three minutes. I look at you and I want to freeze time, so as not to miss ANY SECOND of you, my baby girl.

 You are growing like a weed. Already I'm putting you in some six months onesies and outfits (although you still fit into certain 3 months, based on styles/brands).  You are an excellent nurser, and eat anywhere from 2-4 hour intervals.  When you get a bottle of breast milk you are downing about 4-5 ounces at a time!  You've moved up to Size 2 diapers.  Mommy LOVES your Buddha belly and chunky thighs. And we can't forget that chin. Daddy joked, "I can't wait till Avery has a NECK!" Your poor little chunky rolls trap in all the dirt!
 You are such a sweet, love-able girl! You are so patient when anyone smooches and loves on you. And you LOVE to laugh and smile.  Your cooing is taking on a "conversation" quality. When we talk to you, you goo and gah back as if you are responding to what we've said.  And your coordination is getting better. It was probably a fluke thing but you were looking at the pearls on Mommy's shirt the other day, giggling, when you suddenly reached out a determined hand and grabbed a hunk of shirt and pearls in hand!
You have definitely found your fists and spend good portions of the day sucking and gnawing on them. You are NOT a lover of the pacifier though and usually spit it right back out, so Mommy has pretty much given up on it.

You are a Mommy's girl, through and through, Avery.

You could be crying and fussing in someone else's arms and as soon as you are handed over to your mother, you instantly quiet. While this is certainly flattering, sweet girl, it makes Mom crazy sometimes when all I want is a moment to pee in privacy or grab a bite of food. But then I look down at your round cheeks and smiling lips and I can't help but kiss you and be thankful for my Momma's Girl!
You had your first dip in a body of water bigger than a baby tub, recently! Granted, only your piggies and calves were dipped into it, but you were so mellow and calm and seemed to enjoy it.  We are going to take you for a dip in the lake soon as well!

One thing you DO NOT like at all is going in your car seat. You are a baby who loves motion so as long as we are driving in the car, you tolerate it, but as soon as the vehicle stops OR if we DARE place your car seat somewhere that isn't moving, you instantly get mad and cry out your frustrations. 

You still don't really like belly time and when ON your belly, you don't much lift your head. However, when we hold you against our chests, you have no problem lifting up your neck/head and swiveling it around to check out the world around you.  While you still haven't rolled over, you do wiggle a lot and in the pack n play you can turn your body a bit.  Night time you are swaddled for sleep and it settles you right down. Now that Mommy wants to start trying for more of a nap routine, she is contemplating swaddling you for your daytime naps as well. You love the swing (and again, the motion!) but it's not always easy to nap in it becuz your brother is pretty loud and often startles you awake.  We still have you in the bassinett in Mommy and Daddy's room and I often find myself laughing at this. Hunter had already been in his crib in his own room for about 5-6 weeks by this point. But you are now the baby, little girl, and my LAST baby, and I'm finding it hard to make the switch to the crib!

Speaking of your brother, you definitely are a fan of Hunter and often your eyes will follow him all around the room.  You smile and giggle at his antics and it makes Mommy happy that you already love your big brother!

Avery, I love you with all my heart and soul and the longer we have with you, the more thankful I am for the joy you (and your brother!) bring to our lives!  Many hugs and kisses, my beautiful baby girl.

Love Always,

Your Mommy, Daddy and brother, Hunter


Megan said...

Happy 3 months Avery! I agree Mama- it goes sooo fast!

Sarah R said...

Aw! Happy 3 months -- it really is hard to believe. She's such a pretty baby. I'm glad to hear nursing is going so well. Isn't it nice to be past that first month, adjusting to two? LOL. Elise didn't like being in her carseat either.

Kat said...

Awww. What a sweet little pumpkin. She is so cute! :)

Emily said...

3 months already? wow! she is beautiful. looks soo much like you april :)