Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We had a great Father's Day this year! 

After a somewhat leisurely morning where we gave Daddy Daryl his cards (and Dunkin Donuts gift card and pics of him and his babies) in bed, I then made everyone breakfast (eggs, ham and toast), Daryl washed the car while I pushed Hunter around in his toy car, while carrying Avery. We all enjoyed the beautiful morning.

Then after showers and getting the fam dressed, I packed up some snacks (cheese and crackers, fresh strawberries and blueberries, Kashi granola bars and cheezits) and off we headed to a winery in Brookfield, CT.  They do wine tastings for $6/person and you get your choice of six different wines off their list.  Daryl pretty much tried all the darker stuff while I chose a dry white, a blush, a red, and 3 specialty wines.  Can I say "Mmmmmmmmm?!?!?!" The Autumn Harvest was my absolute favorite and definitely different from any other wine I've ever tried before! It is served cold and tasted of cinnamon, and pumpkin, honey and spices and was delish! It was like Autumn in a wine glass and I momentarily forgot that I was wearing flip flops, a tank top and shorts, feeling the warm sunshine beat down outside and was instead transported to cool crisp breezes and the scent of burning leaves floating on the air, and the taste of pumpkin in my mouth. SO GOOD. 

We left with our four bottles of wine (there was a pomegranate port that Daryl LOVED and he ended up wanting two bottles of it!) and decided to make a diaper-change and nursing pit stop at a commuter lot before heading back towards home. 

Our friends Todd and Mindy, and their three kids, came over around four thirtyish and we fired up the grill. Our family had big steaks that Daryl had marinated and Todd's family had a big rack of barbecued ribs and I made some Bush's baked beans (Southern Pit Barbecue...SO delicious) and steamed veggies on the side. Earlier in the day, we thought we were going to go swimming in the lake but it was such a beautiful, not overly-hot day, that the adults decided not to. The kids played outside riding cars, messing around with the bird bath and generally having an awesome, dirty time.

Pretty CJ "babysitting" Avery while I got parts of dinner together.

The boys LOVED when Daryl ran them down the hill in the car.

TJ, SO CUTE! Avery's possible husband someday!

Hunter kept running off to the nearby puddle and trying to throw rocks in it.

Tucker helped, by cleaning up some spilled Corona.

And the boys getting clean! THEY were clean afterward but sadly, my tub was NOT.

ALL three boys tried to cram into the car...I swear it looked like a clown car at one point.
 We plopped the three baby boys (Hunter, his friend Anthony who is 6 months older and TJ who is 1 year old) in the tub but by this time we had three VERY tired pissed off boys who wanted to be back outside playing so there were separate meltdowns going on. And Avery had her screaming moments throughout the afternoon (I'm almost convinced she might be starting up with teething...SIGH) so by the end of the day, I was ONE TIRED MOMMY.

But I asked Daryl that night as we laid in bed if he enjoyed his Father's Day and his reply? "Definitely!"  So a belated Happy Father's Day to all you Daddies out there!

P.S. I spent a GOOD portion of the day thinking about, and missing, MY Daddy. Happy Father's Day, Dad! Hope you are smiling down at us!


Kat said...

So glad Daryl and everyone had such a fun day! Sounds like a GREAT one! :)

Carrie27 said...

I wish I liked wine, there are wineries all over here.