Friday, June 17, 2011

  • What a dreary, yucky day. Especially becuz it's my day off AND I had erands to run and not sure if I'm going to now. Blah. I really hate dragging the kids out in the pouring rain. What to do, what to do...
  • Went to my boss (she is a ND) as a patient this week to discuss my nutrition while nursing, and the fact that I've been dizzy. I had bloodwork done also to check my Vitamin D and B-12 levels. (The pediatrician wanted me to give Avery Vitamin D drops becuz she is almost exclusively breastfed--she's only had formula maybe like 2-3 times?--but I never did this with Hunter. I asked my boss what her thoughts were on this and she said baby can get Vitamin D through my milk so before she recommended i take a supplement, she wanted to check my levels. Well, my D and B-12 levels are too low.  Plus after I showed her a food diary I kept for like 3-4 days she determined I'm not eating nearly enough, and definitely not enough protein and good fats, while nursing. This could definitely account for dizziness and feeling drained. So now I'm making an effort to eat more protein, snack more and make healthier food choices (and more veggies cuz I was seriously lacking in that department too!). And she is gonna help me focus on weight loss cuz I need to lose like 30 pounds to be a healthy weight for my height (and to make me feel better).  I'm so happy to finally be paying attention to my OWN health and that I'm making an effort to take care of myself. As Mom's I think it's so easy for us to let ourselves fall by the wayside as we focus on taking care of kids, husbands, SO's, pets, etc.....
  • I'm LOVING my new car so much. The gas mileage is great compared to my last car. I got gas last Saturday and have been driving the HELL out of it all week, and I think I still have a little less than a quarter of a tank left.
  • One of my favorite shows strarted back up this week, SYTYCD! LOVE IT! And I'm impressed with the level of ALL their dancers this's gonna be a tough season to narrow it down to a winner.
  • Avery rolled over for the first time earlier this week, I think it was Monday night? And she hasn't stopped rolling over since! The other day at my mom's, I put her in the swing and didn't buckle her in cuz my mom was LITERALLY gonna take her out in a few seconds after warming up a bottle of breastmilk (I was getting myself ready to leave for work, after dropping them off) and just as I turned my back she flipped over in the swing and shimmied her whole body down and had her legs dangling off when I heard my mom cry out in surprise, "April, look at her!" And she ran over and scooped her out of the swing before she fell out. HEART ATTACK, kid.
  • My hubby is the bomb! HE bought me a Kindle yesterday with some extra money he made doing a side job...and I was so impressed that he listened when I said I wanted one. Ha ha. Now, I just have to figure out how to USE the thing.
  • For more tasty tidbits, go check out Danifred's!!


msprimadonna67 said...

I'm loving the new season of SYTYCD too! Unbelievable talent this year!

Carrie27 said...

I'm a devoted fan to SYTYCD as well.

Avery is going to be a mover on you.

Way to go hubby with the purchase, I have a Nook and love it. I haven't actually read on it in two weeks, because all my free time is spent working on homework, blech.

Kat said...

LOVE SYTYCD!!!! The dancers get better EVERY season. They are amazing. The statue dance this week was so beautiful it made me cry. LOVE that show. :)

I am so happy to hear that you are focusing most on being healthy. That is the most important thing and it sounds like you are doing it right. I'm so proud of you!!!! :)

And way to go, hubby! What a sweetie!

Danifred said...

Good for you for keeping the food diary and getting things figured out. I remember how incredibly hard it was to take care of everyone else AND me, especially with baby #2.
Enjoy that Kindle :)

Paige Terner and Sandee Beech said...

Fun fun. Maybe you can try commenting on our page too! That looks like an AWESOME pool. Comment sometime!
~Paige Terner and Sandee Beech :)

Inspector Clouseau said...

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