Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Avery,

You are now four months old, pretty girl!  (as of July 15th...I'm late with her letter this month. Oops!)

Lots of "firsts" for you this month. Your first time sitting in the Bumbo chair....
And now you love it. When/if I take you OUT, you get mad!
Also you have obviously been smiling and laughing for a while now, but this month was a first for what I like to call your "squeal-y laugh". Super high-pitched, almost an excited shriek, and HILARIOUS. We were shopping one day with your Nana and as Mommy browsed clothing racks, you squealed to your heart's content for a good five minutes straight. It echoed loudly throughout the store and people were giggling all around us. It was great!  You definitely entertain yourself sometimes, just by laughing, shrieking and squealing as loud as you can. You've obviously discovered, and LOVE, your voice.

This past month was also your first "dip" in the lake. Literally, it was just your piggy toes being dipped in though cuz the water ended up being waaaaay chillier than Mommy anticipated!  But you were just as happy to lay back on a beach towel, like the bathing suit beauty you are, and chill out in the shade....

Another first...not so started teething this past month. Ugh. For a normally happy-go-lucky baby you are taking it pretty well. You DO cry and frantically gnaw on your fists, and drool like crazy, and it does make it hard sometimes for you to nurse...but you still have your sweet happy moments throughout the day!

You are turning into such a strong girl. Right after I wrote your 3 month letter saying how you had not rolled over yet....yup, you guessed rolled over! Mommy thought it was a fluke thing cuz you were laying next to me on the couch (so, sorta on an incline) but once on the floor you started rolling and haven't stopped yet! No matter how many times we flip you onto your back, you immediately roll over to your belly again. And around that same time you started lifting your head and shoulders up off the blanket like a champ, so now at four months, you look like a pro! You will stare at toys (especially those with faces) and smile and laugh and coo. Your favorite "thing" to stare at believe it or not, is the boppy pillow cover! I think you LOVE the animals on it.

For first trips this month, you went to Cabela's (Daddy's favorite store) and also we took a weekend trip to visit your Grammie and G-Pa in upper state NY! You went on a quad, for the first time. Granted, we weren't MOVING, but Mommy can still say you were on  it. ;-)

You love your big brother more and more every day, Avery.

And Mommy loves to see him cuddle up to you so gently.  The two of you will lay on the baby activity mat together and smile those big, silly grins and it just melts my heart!  These really are the moments to treasure, the way he kisses your head/cheek/hand and how you smile oh-so-big at him. You love brother, for sure!

You've also become closer to your Daddy, little Miss Avery. Now that you are smiling and talking, you and Daddy have lots of conversations and cuddles together. It warms Mommy's heart to see and hear!

Something else worth mentioning, you are finally getting into more of a napping routine. On a good day, you take three "regular" naps (anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours) and on a not so good day, you are a cat-napping Queen. Thankfully, though, the cat napping is not how you normally do it.  Mommy had no choice but to move you to the crib, a few days ago, becuz of how big you have gotten! I think I'd held off cuz I wanted to make sure you and brother were both sleeping quiety through the night, so as not to wake each other up! Usually you are nursed to sleep, wrapped up tight in your swaddle blanket, and then Mommy lays you in the crib. Although the other night I attempted to put you down drowsy and after some fussing, you stared at you musical, bright mobile and drifted off to sleep. Success!

You are wearing 6 month outfits and onesies now, my big healthy girl! And literally yesterday, Mommy started putting you in the next size up for diapers...size 3! And becuz you are big enough now, Mommy has started putting big brother's gDiapers on you and they fit pretty good! You look super cute with fluffy cloth diaper booty, I must say.

Unfortunately we are doing your 4 month wellness visit late becuz Mommy has to bring both you, and Hunter for his 2 year, but Mommy was dying to know your weight so we hopped on a scale at my work. My little pork chop girl, you are SIXTEEN POUNDS! Up from TWELVE pounds ast your 2 month visit! Breastmilk does a baby body good. :-)

You are turning into quite the personality, baby girl. You are SO attached to your Mommy, moreso than Hunter ever was, and it's almost funny to see your turn off the tears as soon as Mommy picks you up or takes you out of someone else's arms. You are spoiled already!  But you are coming out of your Mommy-shell a bit, and now seem pretty content with other family members/friends holding you.

We love you Avery, so, so much. Keep growing and smiling and making us happy! 

Love Always,
Daddy, Mommy and Hunter 


Carrie27 said...

She is so stinkin cute.

Kat said...

Awwww. What a beautiful and HAPPY baby! So glad that you are soaking her up as much as possible. You know how fast it goes. ;)

LOVE that picture of Avery and Hunter sleeping. OH. My. WORD.