Sunday, July 10, 2011

She's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

It's been a while since I blogged (and at that, I've only really been doing FNL posts) but tonight I figured hey, Avery asleep on me after nursing and Hunter is busy showing his Great-Grandma all the money he's found around the house (Daddy doesn't seem to put ANYTHING in the spots they actually go in...including money. Litearlly piles of coins all over the house.) so I might as well take advantage!

Good weekend. Family time, house-cleaning and organizing, great weather, swimming in the lake AND I got some more sun. Woot! I'm not a pale, white ghost anymore.

And tonight is going to be Avery's first night in her crib! I"m simultaneously super excited and slightly nervous. We started Hunter in his crib at a MUCH earlier age (approximately 6ish weeks, I think?) cuz he was sleeping through the night so early on. And Avery has been sleeping through the night for QUITE a while now but for some reason, I just couldn't part with her sleeping in her bassinet at the foot of our bed. But finally, I felt it was time, and a couple weeks ago mentioned to Daryl that he needed to raise the mattress in the crib, cuz I was ready! I laid her in it today to see how she liked it and little girl was rolling all around, giggling, smiling and cooing at her mobile. And then immediately getting her chunky thigh stuck in between the crib slats and crying. ;-/ So ON went the bumper (which I was trying to avoid until I could find/buy a breathable bumper). Hunter's thick thigh got stuck in the crib slats when he was about a year old and I DO NOT want that to happen to poor Avery. Daryl and I felt SO bad, that time.

Avery and her future hubby, Matthew.

Hunter has been doing SO great lately. Less tantrums and even when he DOES throw them, I try very hard to distract him with something else which sometimes (not always!) works. He's also talking SO MUCH now and enunciating much better.  And today we've really jumped into colors and he already remembers "pink" and "yellow"! And we went to my in-laws Fourth of July weekend and Hunter got to ride on a quad with his Daddy for the first time AND catch a ride on a tractor.

My mischevious girl.
So, onto me! I'm interested in starting up some exercise classes but I can't decide between Zumba and Pilates.  Both have classes nearby and Daryl already told me, "Do it! Go for it!"  so I wanna do some Saturday morning classes. But I can't decide which. I had GREAT success with Pilates years ago but I keep hearing how fun Zumba is. I used to take dancing up until like eleventh grade (and helped teach classes) so I'm not afraid of not being able to pick it up but I just don't wanna look like some old fart trying to shake my groove thang. (ha ha, I'm so "old" at 34 years old, right? Sorry, just been feeling like time is flying by!). So what is your preference iff you've done both? And why?

Okay, I'm off to whip up a berry smoothie for dessert! I'm sure my son will want a sip (ha!  a sip?) of his beloved "mooo-eeeee!!"....nighty night!


Carrie27 said...

Zumba is fun! I do not have rhythm, and you have the experience, so you'll do great. There is such a wide array of ages mixed in the class, and no one will have time to watch what you are doing because they will be too busy watching the instructor.

Sarah R said...

How cute!! And my hubby leaves change all over the place too -- drives me nuts! :)