Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Avery,

Today you are FIVE MONTHS OLD.  I really don't understand how this could be...weren't you JUST BORN, my sweet girl?

You are such a mover and a shaker, Avery.  When Mommy places you in the center of a blanket you are immediately off and rolling away. You turn yourself all around on the blanket so that you can get a full view of everyone around you! You are a nosey baby. :-)  You are very interested in musical and/or light-up toys, and I've even caught you grabbing at some of your brother's toys.  You also had a couple firsts this month regarding toys...your first time in the Johnny Jump Up and the exersaucer. You're still a tad too small for the JJU but the exersacuer was perfect! And you look so big and grown-up in it.  Of course, Hunter also thinks it's very exciting so he climbs in it often, but you are such a good girl, you are willing to share.

You are still a breast fed baby and now for the past couple weeks or so, you absolutely REFUSE to take a bottle.  This makes Mommy a little bit crazy.  I went out to a friend's house for the first time since you were born and poor Daddy had a heck of a screamed and cried and fought as he tried to give you a bottle (you won't take one from your Nana either when she is babysitting you while Mommy is at work).  Mommy's boss even let me bring you to work the other day cuz I had been telling her how crazy you've been for your Nana.  You were a good (if needy!) girl.  Mommy also introduced you to rice cereal for the first time last week and it was a hit!

You LOVE eating off the spoon and get so excited that you start shrieking and squealing.  And yesterday you had your first offical baby food, sweet potatoes! You chowed it right down. Despite your look in the picture, you really did enjoy it.

You want to be held almost ALL the time.  This does make it hard for anything else to get down around the house!  But cuddling with you and brother defintely trumps out laundry or dishes anyday.  You love to be kissed, Avery, and you are super ticklish. Your most ticklish spots are your arm pits, your chunky thighs and under your chin/neck...I love to hear the endless peals of giggles you let loose with!

We had gotten a good routine going for putting you down to nap/night time in your crib and Mommy was able to lay you down drowsy, with a musical mobile going, and you'd go to sleep on your own. Now? You seem to have reverted and I'm forced to nurse you to sleep most of the time before laying you down. Otherwise you cry and cry and it breaks my heart!  You and Hunter share a bedroom so I'm much quicker to run in and check on you when you squawk (than I was when Hunter was a baby)...becuz I don't want you to wake up your brother!

You found your feet at the beginning of this month and haven't let go yet! Your favorite position to be in now is on your back, piggy toes up in teh air and clutched in your little hands.

Daddy and Mommy brought you to the pediatrician (with Hunter for his 2 year appointment) when you were a week shy of five months. You now weigh 16 pounds--give or take--and you are 25 inches long! My big girl, in the 75%! The pediatrican said you are long for your age! So was your brother, so I'm sure you'll take after him in that respect!  You had a bad case of cradle cap that just rubbing on baby oil wasn't enough, so your Nana worked on your head a few times, gently with a fine tooth comb, and now your head is almost back to normal! You lost some hair from the cradle cap so Mommy is hoping it starts to grow back soon. I loved how beautiful and dark your hair was at birth!
As always, Aves (Daddy started calling you this and it's stuck!), we feel so lucky to have you. You complete our family in a way I never thought possible. I love your sweet smile and your endlessly happy laughter and I like to you call you my "happy girl". You are OUR happy girl!
Love you always and forever,
Mommy, Daddy and Hunter


Krystyn said...

Seriously, 5 months already? She's getting so big...and she's all girl:)

Kat said...

FIVE MONTHS ALREADY!!!!! ACK! It just goes too fast. My baby turns two today. :`( sniff, sniff

Avery is SUCH a cutie! I love that last shot. Just perfect. What a doll!

CanadianMama said...

Happy FIVE months pretty girl!!

Carrie27 said...

I loved when they found their feet.

Love the last pic the best!