Thursday, August 04, 2011

Dear Hunter,

Today you are TWO YEARS OLD.

Never in my wildest dreams, while I was pregnant with you, did I realize what an amazing little boy you'd turn out to be.

 Hilarious (we call you "the Clown" or "Goofball" sometimes...and you've inherited that from both of your parents), stubborn (DEFINITELY from your Dad) , handsome, inquisitive, determined, a daredevil.  The boy with the 1,000 watt smile.  That smile will melt girls hearts someday, but for now, the only girl I wanna know it's melting is your MOMMY.    You are also a HUGE Daddy's Boy. Words can not describe the pure joy in your father's eyes when you run to him for a big hug and a kiss, when he gets home. And when he leaves for work and hears you crying and calling out "Daddy!" it just about breaks his heart.

You are talking so much now, buddy, and your enunciation gets clearer and clearer every day.  You make your Daddy and Mommy crack up so hard with some of your favorite words: "Niiiiiiiice!" and "Coooooo-eeeee" (for coffee).

You are just starting to show an interest in the alphabet and colors and you quite the parrot, imitating what we say, "1-2-3!"  You now try to put your own clothes on (and sometime succeed with your pants, but other times you have a shirt on your leg) and know how to take off and put on your velcro sandals. If we ask you to put your toys away, most of the time you gladly oblige (Thanks, Nana!).  When you are hungry, no matter what time of day it is, you ask for "din-din" (Mommy often times says that instead of dinner and i guess it stuck). 

Hunter, you are such a sweet-natured boy and always want to please! When Mommy is cleaning, you are quick to help in anyway you can: pushing your stool over to the washing machine so that you can put dirty clothes in with me, dragging out the mop when you see me sweeping or vacuuming the floor.  You love to help us cook/bake so often times, we let you have your own bowl and spoon to mix.

I didn't realize it was possible, Hunter, to love you EVEN MORE but when your baby sister was born that is EXACTLY what happened. You turned into this beautifully nurturing and loving brother who hates to hear Avery cry (you get upset and frantically tell me "Cry! Baby cry!" when you hear her crying) and you are always quick to share kisses on her cheeks/forehead/hand/foot.  You copy like you've seen Mommy do, and grab Avery's foot and sniff it then immediately pull back and exclaim "Pee-uuu! Stinky!" 

You've become a little fish, a boy who LOVES the water. This both pleases and worries Mommy! I'm so glad that you enjoy swimming like your parents do, however, your lack of fear scares the heck out of us sometimes! When we are holding you in the lake, you just want to leap out of our arms, like you think you can float/swim away no problem. This month we had your first EVER trip to the beach and it was enjoyed immensely. I could barely drag you away from the sand and surf, after your first initial nervousness at the small waves crashing in.

Hunter, you are SUCH the boy's boy.

You love trucks, cars, trains (no matter what we see when we're on the road driving, or any loud noise we hear, you excitedly call out "Train! Train!"). Your favorite place to be is rolling around in the dirt, picking up clumps of grass, sticks, or whatever you can get your hands on.  For your birthday, one of the gifts Mommy and Daddy got you is a very cool water table and I can't wait to see you messing around in the water and sand! You'll be in your glories!

Oh, bubba, I feel like simple words could never convey the depths of my feelings for you. I literally ACHE when you are sad, I am over the moon happy when you smile and I LOVE you more and more and more every single minute of every single day.  You mean more than we can ever say, little man. 
We love you forever and always,
Daddy, Mommy and Avery


Kat said...

Awwww. Such a sweetie pie.
Happy Birthday to your darling boy. :)

Carrie27 said...

I just love birthday posts.

Happy birthday to your little man!

Robyn said...

Aw 2 is such a bittersweet age, they learn so much so fast, but find trouble so fast too. Happy Birthday to your little guy.

Nicole said...

I can't believe he is 2! Happiest Birthday to your little man and Happy Birthing Day to you, Momma! There is something so special about little boys - the fact that they can be so sweet and such stinkers at the same time! Hope you all had a terrific day!

(And I SO know what you mean about the water! B.riar has literally taken YEARS off of my life with her antics in the pool!)