Monday, August 01, 2011

Lots going on lately for us in the C-household!

Currently planning Hunter's 2nd birthday party (he turns two THIS big boy will be TWO. I still can't wrap my brain around that!) and it's been fun. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so that's our theme. I got Mickey ears for the kids to wear and I'm lots of little Mickey Mouse touches. :-) I know Hunter will love it! We're doing pizza and people can swim in the lake. Of course this morning the weatherman put the week's potential weather up and it hlowed rain and thunderstorms for this Saturday....GRRRRR. So fingers crossed he is WRONG.

Avery is getting so big and active. She is a rolling machine! She's even attempting to crawl...sticking her little booty way up and underneath her and then trying to scootch along. It's so cute. She's definitely teething but waaaaaaaaaay easier to deal with than her brother was while teething. Heh. That being said, though, I often times can't put her down! Makes it a tad hard to get anything done which is why our house is a total pigsty!

Well, it has been an experience having Daryl's grandma staying here this summer! (She stays for like 2-3 weeks then goes home for about 3-4 nights to just check her mail and keep her house in order) Some days it's VERY trying and annoys the crap out of me. Other times, like when Hunter leaps onto her lap on the couch and throws his arms around her for a big hug and a kiss? It's priceless. He's grown MUCH closer to his Great-Grandma than he previously was, and it is very sweet to see. I know it makes Daryl so happy! And let me tell you, my dog, Tucker, LOVES Grandma. She feeds him every night. She is home with him all day when we're at work and he gets to sit outside in the sun with her or hop in the lake for a quick dip...he is sad when his buddy goes home!

I'm DESPERATE for some ME-time.  I seriously have to work it in somewhere (and not feel guilty about leaving hubby home with the two kids...WHY? I have no idea why i feel like that...I handle the two of them on my own all the time so I shouldn't feel bad!). Saturday I was feeling very stressed and so I left the three of them at home and just went to the grocery store to get a couple things. Granted, the store is only about 5 minutes down the road, but I cranked the tunes, opened all the windows and sunroof, and jammed out the way there! I would have taken my sweet time in the store, too, but wouldn't you know it, I suddenly had to go to the bathroom VERY bad and had to leave. Argh! But my 20 minutes to myself was definitely appreciated!

Big D is doing good. He has been taking all his meds (which is something, cuz for a while he wasn't taking ANY thing and we were eating really bad, so he started feeling crappy again) and feeling pretty decent. And he's lookin' good too...heh heh...he lost some weight and the other day he had on a new red shirt and camo swim shorts and I was like, "DAMN, my husband looks hot!" ;-) Now, if only April can get back to "hot"....*SIGH*  The weight loss is slow and steady, which is okay, but my body is all weird after two kids and the fat just sits very differently. I STILL can't really fit into some of my pants, even though I weigh a pound or two less than my pre-pregnancy weight. Crazy. And when I attempted to try some clothes on the other day, it WASN'T pretty.

My little Tigger,and his Daddy, last Halloween 2010!
I'm a nut...I'm ALREADY thinking about Halloween. ;-) It's one of my favorite holidays and I'm super excited that Hunter will be big enough to appreciate it this year (last year he was veeeery tired and it was freezing, and I think he wasn't sure what to make of it). I'm trying to think what I want to dress the kids up as this year. Any ideas? I also am contemplating having a Halloween party. I'm a social girl and i LOVE having people over and entertaining. But back when we lived in the "ghetto", our house was way too small so we could only have small groups of people over at a time. Now? I can actually throw a party and FIT more than four people in the house. So, I'm torn between doing a kid party OR a party just for us adults. I'm leaning more towards an adult party, cuz I'm sure as the kids get bigger there will be plenty of time for all their parties! Plus I'd love to really get all crazy with spooky decorations and food. Heh heh. Can you tell I'm ready for Fall? Don't get me wrong, this summer has been fabulous, but Autumn is my most favorite season and I'm so excited that it's so close! I'm ready to put the a/c units away for the season!!!!!!!!!!!!


Carrie27 said...

Any time someone is in your "space" it is an adjustment and can be trying at times. Don't feel bad.

I always go to the store alone (unless dh is gone and I have no choice). Even though I am at home with my three all day every day, I still feel guilty leaving them for anything besides grocery shopping.

Since Hunter likes Mickey Mouse why don't you do Mickey and Minnie for Halloween?

Amy said...

I feel guilty leaving David alone with the girls too, even though they are super easy now. I do the grocery shopping on the weekend when they nap and I am rushing. I went out with the girls the other night and left at 7:30, so he had to just give them milk and get them in bed, and I felt bad. Which is ridiculous, because 1) he says he doesn't care, and 2) he doesn't feel bad when he leaves me. Argh.

I'm trying to figure out what to do for Halloween too, but I justify it that I will need to order my costumes so need enough time!

Kat said...

Isn't it funny that a trip to the grocery store by yourself is now your "me" time? It is like that for me too. HA! Bizarre.

I am so looking forward to Halloween and at the same time I don't want summer to end. But man, I just LOVE Halloween. :)