Saturday, August 27, 2011

Okay, all this talk about Hurricane Irene has got everyone in an uproar. Friends are posting on FB with pictures of grocery store shelves that are BARREN of milk, bread, batteries etc.


Is it bad, that I really could care less? I'm not worried, not freaking out, not stocking up on supplies. I'm more annoyed that there is the chance I could lose power and not be able to watch movies. I LOVE nestling up on the couch with some good movies on tv, when it's raining/thundering/storming outside.

I remember bits and pieces of Hurricane Gloria back in '85. I was nine years old and for the most part, I found it all kind of exciting. At one point, I remember, when the winds got reeeeeeeeeeally crazy, I went into our finished basement with my dog, a Shepherd mix named Frisky, who was PETRIFIED of bad weather. If a thunderstorm was coming (and had not even arrived yet) you'd find poor Frisky huddled in a trembling pile of dog in the basement. So down I went, more so I think to keep her company, and watched a little bit of  "Pete's Dragon" (LOVED that corny movie as a child!) while riding out the storm.

My father, when he was alive, was a lineman and when ANY type of storms happened, my Dad would be gone for sometimes hours, sometimes DAYS, based on the intensity of the storms and how many people were without power.  I remember, he'd come home SO exhausted and eat a home cooked meal and sleep for a long time to catch up on some much missed ZZZzzzz's.

So, if anything, this impending Hurricanes Irene is actually making me quite nostalgic.  Is that crazy? I'm thinking of how, when they're big enough, I'll tell my kids "You guys got to experience your first hurricane as babies. And only the SECOND hurricane Mommy has ever been through!"  I guess I'm a nut!


The Captain's Wife said...

what i remember most about gloria was that we were unable to get down our road (d/t downed tree) for nearly 4 days. we also had no power for most of that time. for that reason i bought charcoal, and do need to get some bread or rolls. this way we can eat meat as it thaws and pbj, cheese sandwiches, etc. also on thing i recently learned was that you should fill your tub with water so that you can flush the john.

April said...

K-we ARE gonna fill up the tub...Daryl told me about doing that! I did have him pick up munchies and worse comes to worse we can cook on the grill! :-) and I'm loaded up with diapers and wipes and water for drinking. :-)

Carrie27 said...

I would have been with the dog because I, too, would be scared and shaking. I hate storms, but have had to learn to not show it to my children or I know they will freak even more than they do so now.