Wednesday, August 31, 2011

VERY very bad week here.

Not only do we still not have power or water (since Sunday at 5am) but the WORST of all...our best friends, Todd and Mindy's, house burnt down late Monday night/Tuesday morning at 2:00am.

Thank GOD they got out with their three children (Christina-9, Anthony- 2 1/2 and TJ- 1 1/2. Anthony is Hunter's best little friend) unharmed.  But my heart is oh-so-heavy for their loss.

It's not just the material loss they suffered (since the house is completely gone and unsalvagable) but even more devastating, is that their 3 sweet dogs and 1 of their 2 cats were killed in the blaze. My heart breaks for them.

The blaze started from candles becuz like us, they don't have any power due to Irene, and must have fallen asleep with a candle going. Todd said they woke up to fire alarms going off, and the foot of their bed ablaze with a small fire going. He screamed at Mindy to go get the fire extinguisher in the kitchen while he tried to put it out but by the time she got back (seconds!) it had spread too much.  He told her to get the kids, they had to get out.

The poor labs, all three of them, were trapped on the other side of the fire, in the master bedroom bathroom, barking and crying. I well up every time I think of that and my stomach twists in knots.  These dogs were THE BEST and so sweet with everyone, the kids. So lovable. One of their neighbors tried very hard to get to them, crawling in on his belly, but he said the fire and smoke was too much and he couldn't get through...and by that point he was afraid the dogs had probably succumbed to smoke inhalation.  On his way back out, he found one of the kitties on the floor, unresponsive. He carried him outside, giving him mouth-to-snout. I'm happy to say, that kitty went to the vet and he is going to (physically) be ok.

It's hard on all of them but the 9 year old is taking it extremely hard since she is old enough to understand. Yesterday night when we saw them, she was so sad and I overheard her whisper to her mom, "I just wanna go home. I want my dogs back."

My heart is breaking for our friends...they are FAMILY to us. Daryl and Todd are like brothers. When I think of how close we could have come to losing them, I just want to throw up. I'm so, so thankful they are still here with us and when I hugged them yesterday, I didn't want to let go! :-(  Life is so precious.


CanadianMama said...

God that is so horrible! I'm so sorry for you and your friends!! BIG HUGS April!

Kat said...

Oh that is just horrible. I am so sorry. Prayers for your friends and their family.

Carrie27 said...

Oh no this is just beyond horrible.

What sizes are the two younger ones in ? I'm going to be going through some clothes as it is and if they happen to be wearing those sizes I would gladly send what I can.