Thursday, October 13, 2011

Okay this post is LOOOOONG overdue.  Our lap top went KAPUT when Avery kicked it off the arm of the couch (admittedly, not a very good place for me to put it) so I should have posted her six month letter, oh say, almost a MONTH ago? She's now just about SEVEN months. Anyway, here is her six month letter....the pics are all from my iphone mostly cuz I lost all the pics on our laptop too (but I'm going to try to see if someone can save them for me):

Dear Avery,

You are now six months old and quite the mover and shaker!  You learned how to sit upright this month and Mommy is so very proud of you.  You look like such a big girl!  You also taught yourself how to do an excellent army crawl....I  swear you would make some army rangers jealous, I think. 

You eat so much more now.  You've tried, for the first time, this month:  pancakes, waffles, peas, avocado, mashed potatoes, Italian bread AND you've begun handling and drinking out of your sippy cup!

Once in a while when you are upset and you see me walking away, you've cried out, "Mama!" but that's it so far on the talking front.  You gibber gabber and laugh like nobody's business. I am amazed at how much of a happy baby you truly are.
I pretty much NEVER get a picture of you NOT smiling.  A smile is too much a part of your face!  You are also a very needy girl, or as Daddy likes to call you "High Maintenance".  You want someone around you (and pretty much right in front of you) at all times. Occasionally, you get wrapped up in your toys and forget about your parents, but you always keep tabs on your brother, Hunter.  You often times light up when he walks into the room you are in! 

And guess what else started to happen this month? A TOOTH!

Your first tooth has begun to pop through.  It was a miserable time for you when it was trying to break free of the gum, and Mommy felt so bad that she couldn't do much to ease you except snuggle (not that either of you minded that).

You are still a happily breast fed baby.  Four days a week you get a bottle at Nana's and you take it no's usually filled with breast milk but occasionally when  it's formula, you chug it down no slower!

Aves, you had your six month check up this month and Mommy and Daddy were happy to see you are growing right on track!  You weighed in at 17 lbs 6 oz and 27 inches long. You are approximately 75% for weight and 85% for height...our tall girl!

You love your brother something fierce, little girl.

And you intently watch him play, analyzing everything he does ad plays with. You bypass most of your baby toys for Hunter's trucks, tractors, and race cars.  I swear, Mommy even thought it looked like you were trying to drive one of the cars along the carpet the other day! I have a suspicion we could have a little Tom-boy on our hands!
Aves, our world is definitely a brighter place with you in it. You make us all laugh on a regular daily basis and I am so thankful.  I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more happy baby than you my sweet girlie! 
Mommy, Daddy and Hunter love you with all our hearts!  Keep on growing and getting strong!
Love you always,


CanadianMama said...

Happy six months happy baby!

msprimadonna67 said...

They are getting so big! Such darlings: )

Carrie27 said...

Avery is looking more and more like her brother!

Kat said...

She is just so cute! And seven months already! Holy moly!!! That just went too fast.