Saturday, November 26, 2011

We had a great Thanksgiving this year! (warning, picture heavy post to follow!)

The four of us stayed home and no one came over, so it was very low-key and relaxed. I did some cleaning up of the house in preparation for our Christmas tree, while cooking here and there.  Avery enjoyed her 1st Thanksgiving as we all stayed in our pj's and played! Daddy and Aves even scored a couple mini naps together. Hunter was in his glory playing ALL DAY LONG.

And Aves ate turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, a bit of roll...and then for dessert she shared some pumpkin pie with whipped cream with me!

Yesterday, Black Friday, I did something a little different...I didn't go out shopping! While I did miss my Black Friday coupons and deals (Mom and I go to breakfast wicked early every year, then follow it up with some hard-core shopping) what I DID enjoy was lounging on the couch, sipping my coffee, and watching my kids (especially Hunter) watch Snow White for the first time. At certain points he was SO intent on the movie and it totally warmed my heart to see him enjoying one of my favorite Disney movies!  And I will admit, I did a TINY bit of online shopping at the Carter's website for the babes. Got Hunter a shirt for Christmas eve, and Aves a sweater to go over her Christmas Eve two pairs of footed jammies each and two long sleeved onesies for baby girl!

Later in the day, my MIL and step-FIL arrived in CT and joined us on our search for the perfect Christmas tree! This started last year and I think it's a new tradition we've created, with them helping us on the hunt. 

This year our tree-search was a little bit more complicated than usual.

First of all, we wanted a bigger (ie: taller) tree now that we had the space and high ceilings. And it was not easy to find a bigger tree that wasn't scraggly.  Secondly, our favorite tree farm (Daryl and I have probably gone to this farm the past five years now) just replanted like 1600 new baby trees that take approximately 6-7 years to reach full maturity before they can be sold. So.....that means there was not a lot of decent trees left.

Obviously, that didn't stop Hunter from running around like a crazy, wild man.

I'm a pretty picky person when it comes to picking the PERFECT tree. It has to be full (it can only have one side that has a "bald" spot, cuz that's the side that faces the wall) and it has to be a perfect cone shape. And of course, a pretty dark green with no dead needles! This year was VERY HARD to find that perfect tree but after well over an hour at the farm, I'm happy to say we found it!!

And Hunter had an absolute blast helping me decorate it!  He was hilarious, hanging all the ornaments on the same branch.  Daryl's grandparents and cousin joined us for pizza dinner, which was fun! 

The tree is super prickly (fresh!) so I had to wear Daryl's dead-sexy gloves. Heh heh.

Our mantle, looking a tad naked without our stockings yet!

The finished product!

Today, it's all about cleaning for my Miche Bag party at four.  My MIL is now a Miche consultant and I am in LOVE with these chic, awesome handbags!  You buy the "base" bag in your size of choice and then you buy separately any "shell" of your choice, so you can literally change the style/look of your purse every single day (to match your mood, season, outfit, whatever!). Coolest invention ever. Heh heh.

Anyway, for now, it's still early (my kids wake up every single day between 4:30-5:00am, ugh!) so Hunter is cuddled up against me watching Mickey Mouse and Avery is asleep on my chest. Aaaaahhhh...a blissful holiday weekend, for sure.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Avery,

Today you are eight months old! 

And what a big girl you are turning into. You crawl like an old pro now, however, you still love and often times rely on your signature army crawl to get you where you've got to go.  You've also learned this past month how to pull yourself up to a standing position. Mommy is NOT ready for this. It means more boo-boo's. The first time you did it, I was so surprised (I was sitting on the couch and you were on the floor. Using my leg and the couch, you pulled yourself up standing and had SUCH a proud happy expression on your face. Until two seconds later when you fell and banged your head, poor thing) and now you do it ALL THE TIME.

You love to eat, much as your brother did at this age. Your favorites are eggs, puffs and pizza~! But you will chow down on pretty much anything we put in front of you. You also had your first taste of peanut butter this month MUCH by accident.  Mommy was holding you while cleaning up Hunter's lunch mess when you suddenly leaned down and grabbed a square of pb&j from Hunter's leftover sandwich and stuffed it into your mouth! Thankfully, no allergic reactions and now you are a huge peanut butter lover.  You've also been trying SO hard to perfect your pincer grasp but most of the time it's still much easier for you to grab a handful of food off your tray.

You are in size four diapers currently and I think we'll be okay with those for a while. You wear size 12 months mostly for clothes. We do have some 18 months for jammies and a couple onesies but they are definitely big on you.

You have two teeth on the bottom and on top we can see at LEAST 2 (maybe even 3 or 4) trying to push through the gums. You're mostly a happy baby, Aves, but when those teeth finally bust through the gums there is NO putting you down. So Mommy will give you your Hyland's Teething Tablets and soon as I shake that bottle to get your attention, you smile. We make a game out of it, just like I used to do with brother, and count each tablet and you smile and laugh!

Mommy is SO looking forward to your first Christmas this year (next month!) and is having fun planning out your gifts. We are also having Christmas pictures done this weekend with you and Hunter and you have a beautiful hand-me-down dress to wear from the Savo girls...a deep burgandy and black lacy are going to look SO adorable in it!

Aves, you are sometimes clingy still but when you are playing in the toy room (off the living room) with your brother, you are SO Miss Independent! You crawl over looking very determined and try so hard to "hang" with Hunter. NO matter what he is playing with, that's what YOU want to play with. The toy food in the fake kitchen, his toy power drill or the cars, truck and tractors! I hope you'll be a girly girl but with a flair for the boy stuff. Heh heh.

Unfortunately your first Halloween this year turned out to be a dud (not that you'll remember!). We had a storm that knocked out power all over the state for DAYS and needless to say, Halloween day was a mess with tree limbs and power lines down and no one in our neighborhood with power. You and Hunter actually fell asleep early on Halloween night so the next day, Mommy put you both in your costumes and took some pictures.

You try to wave now, Avery, and it cracks me up. Your hand is turned (palm towards you) and you pretty much wave to yourself. You've also started blowing lovely spit bubbles but the best part? When you do it, it forces you to press your lips together and you say "Ma ma ma ma" while doing it! You also have THE happiest, craziest sounding squeal I've ever heard. You smile so much I'm surprise your face doesn't put your all into it, mouth wide open, and tongue sticking out.

Avery, you've been such a wonderful, happy addition to our family that there is no way I could imagine my life without you in it.  You are my sweet baby daughter!

We love you always,
Mommy, Daddy and Hunter