Monday, December 19, 2011

Is it bad that this is my fourth night in the row with a
glass of wine in hand?

And truth be told, Saturday and Sunday night it was more than one glass. Heh heh.  In my defense, 'tis the season! Friends and parties and fun nonstop.

At least I'm almost done with all my Christmas shopping. I went to the store today after getting out of work and finished off the kids.  I still wish I had more to spend on them, but I'm still happy with my purchases! Honestly, my favorites for Hunter are:

What can I say, the kid LOVES to pretend to vacuum! And lately he's been messing around with my Dyson. other favorite....
Cuz now he will have somewhere to color (or do his crafty stuff) without litte missy eating his crayons! get it all wrapped!

Anyway, it's been a sad week for some fo my family and friends. My MIL's old man doggie, Wookie, passed away yesterday.

He was very sick and in and out of the vet hospital and I'm still not sure if he passed DURING his exploratory surgery or after, but my poor MIL is devastated. She's had this boy for 13 years and swears he saved her during a rough time in her life.  And then last week, one of my bestie's, Carsa and her family had to put their doggie, Ace, to sleep after he was diagnosed (and very sick) with an inoperable tumor. Both dogs had a special place in my heart and I have fond memories of them. May they run freely over the Rainbow Bridge and stay young forever!

For as much as my yellow lab, Tucker may drive me crazy somedays with his intense separation anxiety, endless panting and water drinking and stinky breath...I'm SO THANKFUL for his furry butt. He's given me more love than I probably deserve and he makes the best foot rest. And most importantly he is the best dog ever to my kids, so gentle and patient. I couldn't ask for a better yellow boy!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Avery,

Today marks your 9th month with us and it's crazy to me to think, for as long as I got to carry you in my belly, we've now had the pleasure of holding you in our arms!

What a big nine month old girl you are becoming! You still wear 12 months in clothes and size 4 in diapers but you seem to have gotten taller to Mommy! At your 9 month wellness Pediatrician appointment you weighed 18 lbs 11 oz, so not much of  a gain (from 17 lbs 6 oz at your 6 month check up), but the doctor said it's normal with how active you are. You really NEVER stop moving. And you are now 28 inches long, so an inch longer, my tall girl!  We also found out you have eczema so Mommy is going to have to start applying the lotion a lot more than I normally do!

You celebrated your first Thanksgiving this month and got to sample a little bit of everything on our dinner dishes: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn and then a little bit of pumpkin pie w/cool whip for dessert! And like the little piggy you are, you gobbled up every bite we gave you.  Another first, the day after Thanksgiving we did our yearly tradition of going to cut down a fresh Christmas tree. You seemed to enjoy the fresh air (it was mild that day) and while you seem to like the pretty white lights Mommy put on the Christmas tree, you are a good baby who doesn't really try to touch the tree or ornaments!

You pull up to standing pretty regularly now, and no longer wobble while doing it! In addition, you can slowly lower yourself back down to a sitting position (while holding onto furniture, baby gate, etc). You seemed to have developed a tad bit of separation anxiety this month when it comes to Mommy, and you don't really let her leave the room, without loud crazy screams from you. And then you do the super fast, anxious crawl to catch up to me, shoving the baby gate aside to squeeze by it.

You are a now a pro holding and drinking out of your sippy cup.  You only drink water out of it. You are still nursed like 90% of the time. You get 1 bottle of formula at Nana's house Monday through Thursday while Mommy is at work and to drink it, you lay on the floor and hold the bottle yourself.  Avery, you've also tried all the "allergy" foods with no problems: strawberries, eggs and peanut butter. You love ALL of them!

Avery, as always you love your brother! And that love seems to grow and grow every day! You giggle and smile and chase each other around. You play with all his matchbox cars and trucks (which doesn't suit your brother, he hasn't quite grasped the concept yet of SHARING, so he often times rips them out of your hands).

Mommy's been noticing this month that your dry skin has gotten a bit more patchy and coarse lately. It could be from the cold weather, but it's definitely something we will be bringing up at your next pedi visit. And your soft, brown hair is slooooowly starting to thicken up. We especially notice it growing longer behind your ears. You also have SEVEN teeth now! Not too long ago, four popped through on top. And just last week or so, your third bottom tooth came out. The teething has been VERY bad at times but cuddles always help.  It affected your sleeping patterns as well. You wake up every night again, usually just once, and Mommy was nursing you back to sleep.  But now that the teeth are all through, and you are happier, we are weaning from nighttime nursing (four days in a row so far!) And then you are an early-riser so sleep is scarce in this house!

Avery, you are such a silly girl. A bit needier than your brother was at this age, but just as lovable and sweet and full of smiles and laughs. You are a very happy-go-lucky baby girl! You squeeze us and love to bury your face into our necks. Kisses are your specialty: both giving and receiving. If you could be kissed 24 hours a day, you'd be in heaven! 

Mommy had pictures done this month of you and your brother in preparation for Christmas. While your brother wasn't very cooperative, you smiled your way through the entire session. The pics came out SO adorable and you looked beautiful in your burgundy and black lace Christmas dress.

Avery, thank you for making us so happy.  For giving your Mom and Dad and brother so much love! It's hard to believe it's been nine months already but at the same time, it feels like you've been a part of our family forever.  In three short months you will be a one year old, and we are so not ready for that. Mommy is going to hold onto her sweet baby girl for as long as possible!

We love you always, Avery Irene,
Daddy, Mommy, and Hunter

Friday, December 09, 2011

I'm pretty darn tired today so instead of a wordy post,
here is a short and sweet post.  Enjoy!

My new precious, an early Christmas gift from the in-laws:

What I plan on baking this weekend, yummy:

Who would have celebrated his 61st birthday this week, and who I miss dearly every single day:

The adorable pj's my littles are wearing tonight, making me smile:

And my sweet loves, who gave me lots and lots of kisses today:

Monday, December 05, 2011

This is so strange to me.

Me...the girl who is jonesing mid-way through August for Christmas season. 

In the family who eagerly awaits Thanksgiving, not just for the turkey, but for the day AFTER the turkey so that we can go cut down our fresh tree!

April, the girl who will listen to Christmas carols all season long (and even has a slightly hard time saying "good-bye" to those cd's the day after).

The Mama who has been SO EXCITED to share Christmas this year with BOTH of her babies.

I am having a hard time feeling the
spirit of the season.

Our tree is up and decorated (and watching my son giggle and smile as he put ornament after ornament on the same branch--making us adults giggle) and it is beautiful to me, if a tad barren of ornaments. I couldn't find some this year, due to our move last January.

Extra lights are lit around the house. 

Stockings are hung by the chimney with care (well, the kids are anyway. Mom's and Dad's is still on order. Had to get new stockings this year cuz ours got ruined in a wet basement over the summer).

I'm already planning out which cookies and treats to bake this year.

But I'm just not feeling it, for some reason. And I have no idea why! Still lots of gifts left to get, and it's slow-going becuz as usual, we are broke. But honestly, that's not what's bothering me. I know that the gifts will all come together. They always do!

Maybe it's due to the depressing news on TV and online? The horrible stories I keep reading of mother's killing their babies, and criminals stealing from hard-working people trying to make ends  meet?  And knowing there are so many people out there without families or even homes this time of year?

That probably doesn't help the way I feel.

It's almost like a feeling of "unsettled-ness". I know that's not a word, but I'm coining it now so you get where I'm coming from. I know it's still technically early in the month so I can only hope that as the days fly by, some of the Christmas-y feeling starts to permeate my veins.

I can hope.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Lately, things have been tough.

I've had some not-so-pleasant-Mommy-moments that I'm actually quite disappointed in myself over. I've apologized countless times to Hunter, after losing my patience with him.  And had to pass Avery off to her Dad or Nana, quite a few times lately cuz I just can't take it.

Avery recently cut her top four teeth (in addition to the two on the bottom that she already had) and throw in about five days worth of horrendous gas? And seasoned with a splash of separation anxiety? Makes for ONE EXTREMELY upset baby. She shrieks and screams and if I walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water (she can see me...the living room/dining area/kitchen is all open to each other) she does this crazy, frantic crawl with limbs smacking the hardwood floor, as she races as fast as her little body will take her, all the while bellowing the most hideous baby cries ever. Seriously, it sounds like someone is beating her!

And Hunter, Hunter, Hunter...I had hoped you would avoid the dreaded "Terrible Two's" that everyone told me about. That was SO wishful thinking.   You want what YOU want, when YOU want, no questions asked. And if you can't communicate your thoughts to me (or if Mommy just can't understand what you're saying) then it's meltdown-city.  And it doesn't matter if we're in the living room, grocery store, pulic restroom at Target or a friend's house. I've even resorted (more often than I'd like) to bribery BEFORE the bad behavoir happens, just to do what I have to do sometime. (Munchkins in the stroller while frantically shopping for a birthday present at Kohl's for a party we're going to.)

There are some afternoons where I feel like all I've done is yell all day or I find myself often doing my "crazy laugh" to keep from bursting into tears.

But that bad is almost immediatley followed up by all the good. And it makes it all SO worthwhile.  Driving to my mom's on a work day and listening to my son chatter happily, endlessly, "Mama, look!" and pointing out the moon to me and how we go "night-night" when the moon comes out at night.  And watching him and Avery play toys so nicely and hearing, quite suddenly and unprompted from Hunter; "Sissy, I love you!" It took all I had not to melt into a messy, emotional, happy pile of goo on the floor. And seeing my daughter's cheesy, eager grin now full of teeth!  Watching her pull herself up to a standing position, so confidently.  Recieving messy, wet kisses from both of my kids, at unexpected moments. Just becuz they love me.

These children of mine, they give me purpose and determination, to be the best mother and PERSON I can be. I want to be a role-model and teach them manners and to respect their elders and to be good people themselves. I want them to know it's ok to make mistakes, cuz lord knows, Mommy makes quite a few of them.  And most of all, I want them to have fun, love freely...and of course, BE SILLY!