Monday, December 19, 2011

Is it bad that this is my fourth night in the row with a
glass of wine in hand?

And truth be told, Saturday and Sunday night it was more than one glass. Heh heh.  In my defense, 'tis the season! Friends and parties and fun nonstop.

At least I'm almost done with all my Christmas shopping. I went to the store today after getting out of work and finished off the kids.  I still wish I had more to spend on them, but I'm still happy with my purchases! Honestly, my favorites for Hunter are:

What can I say, the kid LOVES to pretend to vacuum! And lately he's been messing around with my Dyson. other favorite....
Cuz now he will have somewhere to color (or do his crafty stuff) without litte missy eating his crayons! get it all wrapped!

Anyway, it's been a sad week for some fo my family and friends. My MIL's old man doggie, Wookie, passed away yesterday.

He was very sick and in and out of the vet hospital and I'm still not sure if he passed DURING his exploratory surgery or after, but my poor MIL is devastated. She's had this boy for 13 years and swears he saved her during a rough time in her life.  And then last week, one of my bestie's, Carsa and her family had to put their doggie, Ace, to sleep after he was diagnosed (and very sick) with an inoperable tumor. Both dogs had a special place in my heart and I have fond memories of them. May they run freely over the Rainbow Bridge and stay young forever!

For as much as my yellow lab, Tucker may drive me crazy somedays with his intense separation anxiety, endless panting and water drinking and stinky breath...I'm SO THANKFUL for his furry butt. He's given me more love than I probably deserve and he makes the best foot rest. And most importantly he is the best dog ever to my kids, so gentle and patient. I couldn't ask for a better yellow boy!


Kat said...

'Tis the season indeed! I've been "enjoying" the holiday season lately too.
Just finishing up my shopping today and tomorrow and HOPEFULLY will finish all the wrapping sooner than later. ;)

So sorry about the two sweet doggies. Big hugs.

CanadianMama said...

Mmm, wine!! I love that you got Hunter a vacuum! We have a broom and duster for Chicken and he loves them haha. He always wants to help mommy with the "brooming". Merry Christmas to you April!!

Krystyn said...

Well, you can say a couple of those glasses are for me, because I'm certain I would have joined you if I could!

Glad you found some good gifts. Love the table and chairs. That will definitely come in handy.

April said...

Long time since I've been on your site!! You were getting married when I was blogging regularly!!! Congrats on TWO gorgeous kids!!!

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