Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ok, I'm horribly behind. This is Avery's 10 month letter that I posting even though she is now...ELEVEN months old. Heh heh.  I promsie to post her 11 month letter before she turns one!!

Dear Avery,

It's hard to believe you are now ten months old!

You've accomplished SO much this month, baby girl.  You got so much better at standing and carefully lowering yourself to the ground, as well as actually being able to stand on your own! The first time it happened you were standing, holding onto Mommy's fingers and I let go and you stood for a few seconds all by yourself. The second time it happened completely on your own! You were sitting next to Mommy and just used her leg to steady yourself as you stood up all on your own and looked around the living room. We're so proud of you! And I realize, it's only a matter of time before you are toddling all over this house!  Who knows, maybe you will be walking by your 1st birthday, just like big brother was?

Another big first this month for you, said "Dada" and "Mama" for the very first time!! Up until that point the only thing you said was your favorite sound of "ba ba ba ba" no matter how hard Mommy tried to get you to say something different.  We were sitting in the back of Grammie's new car, on the way to visit family the day after Christmas, when you looked directly at Daddy, smiled brightly and said "Dada!"  It was such a great moment! So of course, not to be outdone, I kept saying "mama" to you over and over and the closest you got was saying "MaDa". So Mommy gave up.  Once at family's house though, you were being carried around by your great-aunt Val when you looked right at me, and laughed and said "Mama!" in an excited voice! I practically melted on the spot!  Now, I'm working on "doggie" with you so we'll see how that goes.

This month we celebrated your 1st Christmas, Aves! It was amazing, full of lots of laughs, yummy food for you to try and "opening" up your gifts under the tree.  Even though you really didn't understand, your brother Hunter DID get it a bit, and you were so excited by HIS contagious enthusiasm.

The funniest part was you kept trying to play with all his toys while he played with all YOUR new toys, when we first opened them up!  And then a week later, we celebrated your 1st New Year's Eve/Day with great friends! We had two families over for dinner and lots of toy-playing by all the kids.

You are getting so big, Aves, and yet you still are my little peanut girl. I love that you aren't growing up too-TOO fast. Mommy wants to relish every sweet baby-moment with you, before you are a big girl.  Your peach fuzz hair is really starting to fill in. You won't be a bald baby forever! 

We love you so much sweet baby girl. Hard to believe in two short months you will be ONE YEAR old. *sniff*
Love you always, Daddy, Mommy and Hunter