Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dear Avery,
What a difference a month makes!

You are now 11 months old, big girl!

And a lot has changed for you in this--what felt like--short month.  First and foremost, you are now a walking girl! You strut around the house like nobody's business.  It started with four simple consecutive steps, two days in a row, and you haven't looked back. You were wobbly for a few days and then it was like it just clicked and now you are super sturdy on those chunky legs.

You are no longer a breastfed baby. This one was super sad for Mommy but I need to take a medication that I can NOT take while nursing, so it was time. We are weaned down to one nursing a day, right before bed, and it's been hard to give it up. It's Mommy's favorite cuddly, quiet time of day with you! You are just as content to drink a bottle and we've even started mixing in 1-2 oz of whole milk now to see how you do with it.  You love it!

Also this month, you've gained at least TWO POUNDS! My little peanut is chunking up! You definitely can hold your own now sometimes when your brother picks on you. And pick on you, he does! Even though he loves you to pieces and quite often bear-hugs and kisses you, Hunter is also sometimes super rough with you.  You both vie for ownership of MANY of the toys you
"argue" over quite often is the car you sit in. As well as big brother's matchbox cars!

You love to brush your teeth now. It's a fun way to prepare for "night-night" time. You imitate the way you see Mommy and Hunter do it and it cracks us all up! You are a big copy-cat now, Aves, especially when it comes to imitating your brother! You and Hunter often get into happy, giggling squealing matches together.  In the back seat of the car, buckled into your car seats, you both link hands and laugh your little hearts out.  I never, in a million years, could have imagined just HOW MUCH I'd enjoy seeing my sweet son and daughter interact together. It's a beautiful thing!

 We took you to the Rainforest Cafe for the first time today and you absolutely loved it! Admittedly, during the first "storm" you looked a little anxious and clutched at Mommy from the high chair but we all were smiling and clapping to show how much fun it was.

You "talk" so much. Not specific words, but you do try to copy your parents and brother often. Words that you DO say are: Mama, Dada, Nana, Hot!, bubba (which is what we call Hunter sometimes), tickle-tickle, and you have now tried to say "ball" within the past couple days.  No rush though, becuz even though you don't SAY a lot of words you most certainly understand them!
As always, lovey-girl, you brighten our days. If Mommy or Daddy has a crappy day, we can count on you to cheer us up instantly with your 100-watt smile and giggle.  You have become a huge Daddy's girl and one of your favorite spots is nestled on his lap, humming and trying to sing along to Daddy and the music playing from his iPad. 

We love you, Aves, more than simple words in a letter can say.  Hard to believe you turn one year old in one short month! Mommy is going to try to cherish each and every baby-second of it!

Love Always,
Daddy, Mommy and Hunter