Thursday, March 15, 2012

Avery turns ONE!

Dear Avery,

It's really here.  Today, you are ONE YEAR OLD. 

Exactly one year ago at 7:31pm,  you entered the world like the little diva you were only headfirst out and already crying and demanding attention!  That's my girl!

It has been such a pleasure to watch you grow this past year. Since you are Mommy's second-born, in some ways, I feel like I've been able to enjoy your first year without all the stress and uncertainty of being a first-time Mommy like I was with your brother.

And speaking of your brother...while I expected you to be *totally different* from him, I was surprised to watch you evolve into the same type of dare-devil child! 

You seem to have NO fear (which scares me!) and while you are very independant and like to do your own thing, it  has to be done with Mommy or Daddy right in your eyesight.  If we leave you alone in the room to run to the kitchen or bathroom, you get VERY annoyed and often chase after us, voicing your anger at being "left behind".   You climb on everything and it's often that we find you standing on one of your brother's ride-on toys, like a little stunt woman.  About a week ago, you've figured out how to get down off of furniture (feet first!) but you still haven't attempted to climb UP onto the couch which Mommy is thankful for.

And walking? YOU are a PRO, Avery! Honestly, I think you walk even better (sturdier, less falls) at this age  then your brother. You never, ever crawl anymore. If you fall over, you immediately stand back up and are on your way. You even do a funny, stiff-legged run that makes Mommy laugh everytimne I see it!  We went outside yesterday to enjoy the spring-like temps and you ran all over the yard and driveway, strutting your stuff while clutching two pieces of sidewalk chalk proudly in your chubby fists.  By the time we were ready to go inside, your white pants were a combo of brightly colored chalk marks, spilled bubbles (that you sat and kneeled in) and dirt patches. You certainly have no problem keeping up with big brother!

And Avery, you LOVE TO DANCE. I shouldn't be surprised by this, becuz your Mom is the same way.  If ANY bit of musical sound is emitting from a tv/radio/computer/cell, you immediately start doing your squat/booty shake. And just recently you've even started waving your arms.  You love all music, but also like Mommy, you have a fond spot in your heart for Rap.  As soon as that bass starts pumping, and Mommy says "Shake your booty" you are dancing all over the place.  About a week or so ago, we had an "episode" where you pooped in the tub. So while I scrambled to get you and your brother out and scrub the tub down quick, I left you both wrapped up in towels behind me. Next thing I know, you had shaken off the towel and started dancing around the bathroom buck naked to the music on the radio.  To the sweet sounds of Sarah McLaughlin, you pooped and peed all over the bathroom floor while bopping your head and shaking your tush.  I couldn't stop laughing!

You may not say a ton of words yet, but you make up for it in noises and sounds and facial expressions.  

And you certainly have great comprehension, Avery! If I ask you to do something, you almost always DO it. ("Sit down on your hiney, Avery! We don't stand on toys!") The words you DO say are in order of favorite: DADDY, Bubba (for Hunter), Mama and occasionally you mimic us with: dog, ball, tickle-tickle.  I have no doubt though that one day you will just explode with vocabulary and talk our ears off!  Also, you love to play with all your big brother's toys, especially his matchbox toys and cars.  And some of your favorite toys is the kitchen and all the fake food.  You also love anything that lights up and is musical. 

Aves, you love your doggie immensely and often times I catch you just gazing at him, touching his soft whiskers or furry legs. 

He's very gentle with you and last night, while Mommy was baking cupcakes, I looked down to find you sitting on the floor almost cradled against Tucker's chin and chest where he lay. It was so sweet it almost made me cry!

You are currently in size 4 diapers (but Mommy is contemplating size 5 becuz of all the poop explosions you've had lately) and for clothes you wear Size 18 months in jammies and clothes, however in hand-me-downs you've been fitting into some size 24 months as well. I think by this summer you will be wearing 24 months exclusively.  For shoes you wear a (loose) size 4. You had your size 3's on only up until a week or so ago, when Mommy felt they were getting too tight.  You eat ALL THE TIME, chunky monkey.  My little peanut girl is long gone. You have a beautiful round budda belly, chunky thighs and juicy booty just like your brother did at this age (even though I still think you are a tad smaller than he was at this age). We go for your 1st year wellness appointment this week and I can't wait to see how much you've grown in the past two months! I predict it's been a lot! (*edited to add*  I WAS RIGHT!! 22 LBS AND 29 1/2 INCHES LONG, MY BIG GIRL! You were only 18 lbs at your 10 month visit so you've gained 4 lbs in two months. I imagine switching over to formula, from breastmilk, could be why there was such a big leap in weight.)

While you eat anything, so far your favorites seem to be fruit (blueberries, strawberries, apples, bananas) and  you also tried fruit smoothies for the first time about a month ago.  It was a HUGE, delicious hit.  YOu still drink your milk out of a bottle (and we are on straight whole milk now, no more formula!) but you drink water and juice out of a big-girl sippy cup.  You like the straw sippy cups as well, but you make a big mess with them, often times letting the liquid fall right back out of your mouth!  You silly baby.
Wearing your brother's old jammies!

Your birthday party is this weekend, sweet girl, and Mommy went a little bit overbored in the planning! I couldn't help it though, decorating with girly accents has been a blast. We have a LOT of people and children coming and it is going to be at a clubhouse for a club your Daddy belongs to.  And we'll have yummy pizza, sausage and peppers, salad and Mommy and Daddy's homemade cupcakes and birthday cake.  Your actual birthday is today, March 15th, so  we will celebrate it quietly at home, the four of us, with cake.  I can't wait to see you try to blow out your candle, big girl!

Avery, there is so much more I could say about your amazing, larger-than-life personality (how you make us laugh DAILY) and your never-ending sunny smiles, but I think we'd be here all day.  You have been such a blessing, my daughter, and I look forward to watching you grow up (not too fast, though!) into a beautiful woman. 

We LOVE YOU so, so much,
Daddy, Mommy and Hunter


Sarah said...

No way! How can she be one already! Happy birthday, Avery! Also, Elise LOVES the bass boomin as well. She will start dancing if she hears music, even if it's while I am nursing her. Our silly gals would have so much fun together! :) Hope all is well with everyone!

Kat said...

One year old already!!!!! That is amazing! Wow. That just goes so fast!
What a little cutie! Sounds like she is a handful. In a good way!
LOVE that last pic! Too funny!
Happy Birthday to your precious girl!

Bekah said...

Whoa! One already!! Crazy! She is so cute!

CanadianMama said...

Avery you sound hilarious; I wish I could meet you! Happy Birthday Avery!!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Seriously, didn't you just have her?

She's such a hoot..and I love that last shot!

Happy Birthday, Avery.