Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I opened my own Etsy Shop

I took the plunge.

I opened my own Etsy shop last night!

I've been obsessed with all things hair bow related since I started making them for Little Miss Avery.  And I know a couple of little babies (one yet to be born) that I'm already contemplating what to make for them!

A couple of people I know mentioned I should sell them.

I know there are TONS of talented ladies already on Etsy selling hair bows--but honestly, I'm not doing it to turn some crazy profit or anything--and it's more of a fun hobby on the side.  If I can make a couple of bucks here and there to support my expanding ribbon habit? Score!

Right now I only have one bow listed (my Stars and Stripes Korker Bow) but that will change soon. I have to take more pictures this weekend and I'll be able to post a couple of more to start out with.  Hopeully my little model (and the weather!) will cooperate so we can take some shots outside. 
Awww! Ha ha, her face kills me in this picture! It was her "Mama, puh-LEEZ pick me up NOW!" face.

And if anyone ends up wanting one with specific colors/polka dots/whatever, I will totally work with them!

I also don't have a banner/logo yet becuz I'm a bit computer technically-challenged. But I'll get there eventually!  I need to maybe google it, cuz I'm stumped!

All you crazy-talented Etsy ladies out there, do you have any ideas for me? Suggestions? Thoughts?  Advice?


Kat said...

Congratulations! How fun! I am definitely not creatively talented that way so I have no advice. Good luck and have fun!!! :)

The Nature Nut said...

Congrats on your new Etsy shop! I have been an Etsy addict since 2007. I have two shops there (but nothing in them at the moment). I love that picture of your daughter! I'll bet if you put that shot as your avatar photo on Etsy and then started posting in the forums and Treasuries with it that your shop would get some traffic. Good avatar photos always make me curious to see what's in the shop. I just came across your blog by clicking on next blog. Best of luck in your Etsy endeavour :o)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

That picture is cracking me up!

(And, hello, raises hand..I do Etsy banners:)