Thursday, April 19, 2012

(*I've been trying to post pics on this post for DAYS now and it won't work! Fingers crossed that I have more success today...)

Easter was a blast with the kids this year.  Last year, Avery was just a blob of newborn baby and Hunter was still little enough to not quite "get it".

This year, however? I had such a great time watching these two interact and hearing Hunter talk about the Easter Bunny. And his enthusiasm rubbed off on his sister!

Here is our Easter in photos:

We dye our eggs the night before Easter. 
Someone wasn't too keen on his bunny ears. I think he wore them just to humor me.
My SILLY bunny girl!

Coloring Easter Eggs with Daddy's help!

Their faces, when they saw what the Easter Bunny had left, was priceless!

"Really, Daddy? This is all for ME?"

Time to find the Easter eggs!

I had put about 3-4 M-n-M's in each egg and AVERY ABSOLUTELY LOVED the sound when she shook them.
Shake, shake, shake!! 

Daddy got a homemade card and some goodies! 

NO MATTER WHAT I DID, I COULD NOT get a pic of the two kids both (1) smiling and (2) looking at the camera simultaneously. There are about 20 like this. No lie.

I tried so hard! LOL

Someone was getting VERY tired by this point.

 My handsome boy! He almost NEVER Smiles on command for me anymore, so this picture to me? Priceless!

Happy (Belated) Easter from my family to yours!


Kat said...

How sweet! What a fun Easter! The kids sure do make it fun, don't they?
And, by the way, I love your header pic!!!!!

Robyn said...

Your kiddos have gotten so big since I read you last. They are so stinkin' cute too. And it is nearly impossible to get two kids to take a picture together.