Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Perfection

It was a great day for me to reflect on just how lucky and blessed I am to have this crazy family of mine.

And it helped to have absolutely beautiful weather to boot!

After some Happy Mother's Day kisses from the munchkins, the four of us headed to IHOP for breakfast. Breakfast itself was yummy, but damn was the service terrrrrible. Thankfully I was in too good of a mood to let it get me down!

I love how Avery "colors". She essentially just taps the crayon on the paper, making dots.

And this little goofy ball would not look at me and smile.

Next, we took a longer scenic ride home. While the kids snoozed in their car seats, Daryl and I chatted about anything. One of my FAVORITE weekend activities. 

Then we came back home and played outside! After the crappy weather we've had lately, the kids (especilly Hunter!) were happy to be enjoying the fresh air.

Avery and Daddy playing ball. Avery pronounces it "baw! baw!"

A Mother's Day self-portrait.

We made some calls to our Mommy's and the kids and Daryl gave me my Mother's Day cards. (I'll be getting my gift in a couple of weeks. Big D is getting me a Cricut! WOO HOO!)  And then after hours of playing, I attempted to put Miss Cranky Pants down for a nap. We were unsuccessful.  Heh heh.

Even my fur-kid enjoyed the outdoors!

Big D ran out on an ambulance call so Hunter and I were back outside in the sunshine. I stretched out in a lounge chair and watched him kick off his sandals and run around like a crazy boy.  I also spray painted a couple of picture frames I'm working on.

Once Daddy got back home, and I grabbed Avery (the NON-napper) from her crib, we went to a nearby ice cream stand and enjoyed our cool treats while sitting at a picnic table by the pond, and people-watching.  The kid were a dirty, happy mess and I was feeling so relaxed and happy.

A quick stop at the grocery store with the kiddos to pick up the stuff for dinner...

 ....and then we were heading back home for Big D to put in the dock.  Even in his wet suit, the water was cooooooold.

So we enjoyed our yummy grilled dinner (cheeseburgers/hot dogs, corn on the cob and a grilled Vidalia onion....mmmmmm) and a bath for PigPen 1 and PigPen 2. By the time the kids were in bed I was EXHAUSTED and ready myself. Tried to read and watch tv and literally fell asleep will sitting upright on the couch so an early bedtime it was for me!

Definitely a beautiful, relaxing and enjoyable day. I couldn't stop looking at Hunter, Avery and Big D and feeling that my life has turned out pretty DAMN great.


stripeycat said...

aren't they THE best gift evah!!

glad to hear ya got a great day!

Kat said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day! And yes, this was the best weather I can ever remember having on Mother's Day. So good. :)

CanadianMama said...

Happy Mother's Day April! That picture of you is amazing! You are looking HOT!!

also, the cricut is good BUT, the Silhouette CAMEO is WAAAAAy better (okay, not everyone thinks that lol). Be sure to do your homework before buying one!