Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Photoshop novice at work!

Last Christmas, Daryl got me Photoshop like I asked for. (He's a good listener. Heh heh.)

I am not the best photographer...I wish I had time to take a class or something to learn HOW to take a decent piture, but right now I have no time or money to do that.

So, I figured, with Photoshop I could at the very least  clean up some of my photos to make them look a little neater.

Well, Photoshop is WICKED hard and I've been struggling with it for a bit here and there since Christmas. I would attempt to figure some stuff out, read/watch tutorials, get annoyed and then give up completely.

Yesterday I stumbled upon THIS blog (side note: oh my GOSH, her daughter is A-dorable! And her blog is super fun with great ideas for toddlers and crafts. I'm loving it!) where she posted a tutorial on how to put in a watermark. And while I totally can't figure it out (heh heh...I can't seem to view her video for some reason--maybe cuz it's an older video??-- and I REALLY need visual for these things) it got me inspired to work on a picture.

So I just chose a random picture of one of the kids. Here is the picture of Hunter I decided to use:

I love Hunter's smile as he was getting ready to go down his slide. This was one of the first beautiful spring days we had this year and we were ALL psyched to enjoy it. So I remember snapping a ton of pictures of the kids using my iPhone that afternoon.

Using the instagram app on my phone, I cropped the photo and adjusted the coloring--lightening it up--with one of the available elements (of course I can't remember which element now, sorry!). 

Better, but still not great. I don't like the fact that the background is so crazy-busy with my two neighbor's garages and one of my neighbors boats.

So, totally winging it (no tutorial this time) I started messing around with the ERASER and CLONE functions. (sorry if there is a more technical way to say this. I have no idea!).

After some swearing, and getting annoyed with myself and Photoshop, I finally sorta accomplished what I started out to do. Of course, being my first time actually editing a photo on Photoshop, it is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from perfect. The edges where I made my changes are super blurry. And the flowers (with the CLONE tool) got a little bit out of control. Heh. But if I can keep practicing, I think someday I could get it right. ;-)

Here is my "fixed" photo:

Don't look too closely at it or you will see the errors!  I told you, I'm a novice, people!

For all you Photoshop users out there, how did you learn how to use it? Did you read a book? Watch a tutorial? Look at pictures? Have a friend show you? Take a class? Or just wing it and teach yourself?

And what do you suggest I do to learn how to use Photoshop, myself?


The Paschke Family said...

What a gorgeous photo of Hunter!! Love the editing you did to the pic - haven't had any experience with Photoshop myself, I just play around with the editing tools that came with my camera :)

bob williams said...

I'm well into Photoshop and have a blog at http://taffbryn.blogspot.co.uk
Drop in and post a comment leaving your blog address and any questions you may have.

April said...

Wow, thanks Bob! I will for sure be stopping by!

CanadianMama said...

Photoshop is wicked hard and not at all user friendly. I used to read this book and even took a course but still gave up because Picnic could do 95% of photoshop and was a million times easier to use. Now I use picmonkey and love it too!

April said...

I used to use Picnik occasionally but honestly often forgot about it! I'm gonna look at Picmonkey. Of course since I HAVE Photoshop, I don't want it to go to waste, so I still need to practice with it! LOL

william xaviers said...

I realized, with Photoshop I could at the very least fresh up some of my images to create them look a little tidier.

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