Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Weekend and a haircut...two bits!

Had a great weekend...and I CHOPPED OFF my HAIR!

I've been feeling so blah lately. I turned 35 in December and while I know it's still considered "young" by some standards...I'm feeling old and just frumpy lately. 

I have lost about 6-7 lbs now so that has been a little boost. I'm finally starting to fit better into my clothes. I mean, Avery's only one year old so that's not bad, right? (<------insert sarcasm here). Even though I looooong ago lost all my baby weight from her pregnancy, and was less than my starting PG weight by a couple of pounds (but still overweight), my body is SO different.

While I tell people that Hunter's pregnancy for sure changed my body, Avery's pregnancy WRECKED my body. Ha ha. Thank God these little munchkins are WELL worth it!

So back to my  hair. I've been just in that blah-state lately and since I don't have a ton of money, it's not like I could go out and buy a new, flattering wardrobe or anything.  And I was overdue for getting my hair done.  I had all intentions of getting my normal cut and maybe lightening up with some blond highlights (which I do every spring/summer).  And I randomly stumbled across a couple of hairstyle pics  on Pinterest, literally the DAY before my appt.

I liked how both styles had choppy layers, and I fantasized about having to spend waaaay less time blow drying.  I shower and do my hair while Avery is taking her morning nap, and sometimes it's a short nap! I wanted something easy but cute and FUNKY.

So here is my normal 'do, my "Before" look:

Granted, this is bed head. Probably not the best "before" shot.

And now here is my "After" look, my new 'do:

I love it! I was afraid I'd panic when I saw how much hair was gone (this is the SHORTEST I've ever gone) but I actually felt so much freer, and lighter...and SASSY!

I feel like I'm getting some of my "spunk" back. Next on the agenda, STOP BITING MY DAMN NAILS so I can finally use the gift card I've had for two years for a manicure! 


stripeycat said...

oh... and did i say I LOVE it???

Kat said...

I LOVE it! You look fabulous!!!! :)

I hear ya on the changes to your body after kids. DITTO!!!!! I weigh the same amount as when I got married but BOY!, does my body look different. Boo. :(

Carrie27 said...

Oh yes, these kiddos of mine have definitely changed my body.

I'm digging the new hair!!!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...


I so need to cut my hair (last hair cut was November, I think)?

I wish I could do a cut like that and it would be low maintenance, but my hair is so frizzy it would be so much work.

~**Dawn**~ said...

When I chopped my hair (OMG almost 15 years ago), it had been down to the middle of my back. Once the shock wore off, I loved it. (Obviously, since I only started growing it back out in September when I decided what I wanted to do with it for the wedding.) Have fun with it! It looks great!

myrtle said...

Wow! That was fab.. Love it.=D