Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life is busy lately (as summer ALWAYS is) and I'm enjoying it! Even the chaotic, not so fun moments.

I'm alive and healthy and I have my beautiful family. I can't complain. Too many seem to be going through horribly rough patches lately and that just continually reinforces how lucky I am.

My kiddies keep me on my toes. Some days are a struggle but it's those struggles that make the good times ALL the better. 

And life as a wife is NEVER perfect, but at the end of the day, Daryl and I have each other to lean on and we couldn't do it without each other! The laughter in this house is like music, it fills every crevice and nook. I seriously have a funny, funny family.

I totally meant to go in a different direction when I originally started this post (I had other stuff to say! LOL) but man, it's like this blog post had a mind of it's own! 

So, I'll just leave it at this: LIFE IS GOOD.  LIFE IS HARD, but LIFE IS GOOD. 

Friday, June 01, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We've been busy lately!

Had a great Memorial Day weekend and I enjoyed the beautiul weather. We kicked it off with a visit to Boston for a (FREE!) Red Sox game with another couple we are good friends with.  On the way, I had to pee SO bad from the iced coffee I chugged and when Daryl told me we had another 20-ish minutes to go till we hit the train station I KNEW I wasn't going to make it. I made him pull over on the highway and I high-tailed it into the bushes, unzippering my pants along the way. I was so focused on the relief that I fell onto my bare ass in the middle of peeing and momentarilly panicked about poison ivy on my ASS. But hey, at that rate, the damage would have already been done. Heh heh.
Do you SEE the relief and happiness on my face??

It felt AWESOME to get out and about as adults (the kids were at their great-grandparents in town) for a change! We hit up a bar and I had a couple beers--Sam Adams Summer Ale...YUM--and then the game itself was a bit lackluster however it still felt so good and I enjoyed every minute!

We also bought Hunter his first Red Sox cap! Daryl is SO looking forward to the day that Hunter (and then eventually Avery) can come with him to a game.

And without even trying over the weekend, I got a fabulous base tan for the summer. A picnic on Saturday, some much-needed outdoor time on Sunday. And then we took the kids to their first parade in town here on Memorial Day and it was so cute to watch their faces take it all in.

And I started back up at work on Tuesday! YAY! Those who have been reading, know I was temporarily laid off from my job for about a month. As much as I enjoyed having extra time with the kiddos and to clean up the house and relax, it was SO nice to get back to our regular routine. 

And the kids missed their Nana (who watches them while I'm at work) immensely.

Daryl's Grandma is back to staying here (on and off) for the summer. This is her home we rent and when we moved in it was with the understanding that she'd still be staying here in the summertime like she's done the past 50+ years! While it's not always convenient (and sometimes annoying!) there are also great moments as well. The babies have become close to their Great-Grandma in a way that NEVER would have happened if she HADN'T been here almost all summer last year. They love her and Hunter often throws himself onto her and I have to remind him to go easy (I swear Grandma is like 90 lbs soaking wet!).

I also had my first four sales on my Etsy Shop this month so that was pretty exciting! Being able to devote some time to my love of crafting has made me so, so happy. I love it.

Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying yourselves as we kick off the beginning of summer!