Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life is busy lately (as summer ALWAYS is) and I'm enjoying it! Even the chaotic, not so fun moments.

I'm alive and healthy and I have my beautiful family. I can't complain. Too many seem to be going through horribly rough patches lately and that just continually reinforces how lucky I am.

My kiddies keep me on my toes. Some days are a struggle but it's those struggles that make the good times ALL the better. 

And life as a wife is NEVER perfect, but at the end of the day, Daryl and I have each other to lean on and we couldn't do it without each other! The laughter in this house is like music, it fills every crevice and nook. I seriously have a funny, funny family.

I totally meant to go in a different direction when I originally started this post (I had other stuff to say! LOL) but man, it's like this blog post had a mind of it's own! 

So, I'll just leave it at this: LIFE IS GOOD.  LIFE IS HARD, but LIFE IS GOOD. 


Kat said...

Life IS good. I love this post. :)

The Paschke Family said...

Life is good! Life IS hard - if it were easy we wouldn't appreciate all the little things. xx