Sunday, July 15, 2012


As usual, lots going on lately! And the kids are making me laugh on an almost daily basis.  Hunter's new favorite phrases especially "Heave ho!" and "Abracadabra!" although when he says it, it sounds more like "Aba-a-daba".

And Fluffy Butt is back in our house! I've broken out the cloth diapers again for Avery.

I'm SO SICK of buying two boxes of diapers at a time...I'm going broke! Hunter is getting closer to potty training but not CLOSE enough.

And some "firsts" for both kids this weekend: first time to a splash pad...

....and first time time eating S'mores (although to be fair, Avery didn't really get a S'more...just a marshmallow and graham crackers, separately).  Suffice it to say, Hunter is in love with BOTH splash pads AND S'mores!

Being this busy, makes for some tired little chilluns.

And one more thing, I'm thinking of calling an allergist for little Miss Aves. Has anyone any experience with that? She broke out in a rash on Saturday after her breakfast of waffles and apples (two things she has eaten many, many times):

I gave her Benadryl and it cleared up immediately.

I don't know if this kid is just prone to rashes and has super sensitive skin? Or if it could be something more. I know for sure she's gotten the same type of a rash from instant oatmeal (not regular old fashioned! Both her and her brother, actually) and then now
after the waffles? And then the hives/allergic reaction recently. She gets diaper rash after yeast rash after diaper rash.  Supposedly she has eczema (although personally I think it must be a very mild version of it). Both her and her brother often have THE most liquid-y poops ever!  And just an FYI, I don't feel like my pediatrician's office really LISTENS to anything I say so going to them will not solve anything in my opinion. So, do you think this warrants an appointment with an allergist? Or do you think she just has "sensitive skin"?

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Carrie27 said...

How did they like the splash park? Were you able to relax more with them running around there then say a pool?

I would think she is allergic to some type of food - maybe wheat or something. I would definitely be getting a second opinion and looking into an allergist.

E has had eczema since he was a baby and his skin never looks like that. He gets the tiny bumps or raw spots that we put cream on. We use free and clear everything (laundry soap, softener, sunscreen, we get prescribed eucerin (beats paying full price for it), etc.

April said...

I was kind of still in helicoptor-mom mode ONLY becuz I could tell the wet cement was slippery. And sure enough, my friend's daughter fell within the first 15 minutes we were there and was bleeding on her leg! Then Hunter slipped and fell (despite me reminding him over and over, not to run!). But those were the ONLY two bad points of the day. Hunter LOVED it and had the biggest most joyful smile on his face the whole day! And the other moms, who'd obviously been there a while, were all sitting around and chatting (the area was fenced in which I liked).

And I'm sorry I realized how I wrote it was kinda confusng...I didn't think the rash (I showed in the photo) was eczema...her eczema rash (at least if that's what it IS...the pedi never even looked, just told me "yup that sounds like classic eczema" SIGH) looks different, more scaly. This rash definitely looks like some type of reaction. Ugh!
PS: what is your blog address? Are you private now?? If so, can I have an invite? :-)

Kat said...

Those are fun firsts! We love splash pads and smores! :)
I don't know what to tell you about the rashes, but can you change your pediatrician? I would HATE to have a doctor that doesn't listen when it comes to my kids (or me for that matter). Nuts!
Good luck!

Felicia-Go Graham Go! said...

Wow! You guys do sound busy. Hey, maybe her allergy is to only certain types of apples? I guess that would be hard to determine with baby food (unless you are making it). I am allergic only to a specific kind.

The Cubicle's Backporch said...

I CANNOT believe how much Hunter looks like you! I saw that first picture and I was in shock!

The Paschke Family said...

I love love love looking at the photos of your kiddos! Might have to have you send me some smore supplies so I know what the big deal is...

April said...

OMG S'mores are SO yummy! All you need is graham crackers marshmallows and chocolate bars (I use Hershey but I'm sure any brand could work...I always tried it with peanut butter cups and that was amazing!). Do you have all those there, Kristi?