Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Trails....

I think I mentioned it in one of my posts recently that we bought a camper.

And it's safe to say, I'm seriously digging camper-camping!

Some of my best childhood memories revolve around summers spent camping. Blazing campfires, golden toasted marshmallows, that ziiiiiiiip of the tent as my brother and I peeked out the windows at the twinkling stars above.  I did camp in a pop-up camper before as a child when I'd go with my best friend and her family but most of the time, we were still in the tents becuz not everyone would FIT in the pop-up. 

Daryl and I went camping in New Hampshire our first year of dating. It rained the majority of the weekend and the inside of our tent smelled like wet dog.  Our air mattress kept springing a leak and every single morning I'd wake up tense and sore as if someone had beat me up.  But don't get me wrong, we still had a blast!  Although I must say, not one of my finer moments was peeing in the parking lot--ass to rocky gravel--on top of Mount Washington. But that's a story for ANOTHER blog post. Heh heh.

Anyway, I've been wanting to go camping again ever since Hunter was born but I just didn't relish teh idea of tent-camping with one or two babies.  And Daryl and I had been casually looking at pop-up campers for about 3 years now. Our truck isn't super big so we didn't think we'd be able to tow anything bigger.

Well, think again! Big D did some research and we went to go look for a new camper! We got a Sportsmen Classic Hybrid Travel Trailer. I like that we can have the "pop-out" on the side for the biggest bed but yet not have the inconvenice of a pop-up.  And best of all, we've used it twice and the verdict? My kids LOVE IT!

So without further adiu, here is our rolling-home-away-from-home:

Go ahead, Big D, lead the way!

If you look to the right, you have the biggest bed (in the pop-out section, Queen size) and right below that is a couch that pulls out into a smaller (more like a full-size) bed.
This is what it looks like before you open up the pop-out portion.
Goofing off with Daddy...and yes, Big D has shorts on, I swear. He is NOT nakey.
 And it's a great place for unexpected Saturday afternoon naps, with the gentle sound of raindrops pattering on the canvas!

If you turn to the left (from directly in front of the door), here is the rest of our travel trailer.

 And here is our kitchen area!

The kids love sitting at the table! And since it was QUITE rainy (can anyone say MONSOON?) last weekend, we were at the table a LOT. (The table turns into another bed/sleeping area.)

This is the view to the left from in front of the kitchen sink.
There is a bathroom as well (a toilet and stand-up shower) but I didn't think to take a picture. Heh. Don't be too disappointed, m'kay?

The kiddos LOVE camping! The fresh air....
....the space to run....

....fun times with (a greasy-haired) Mommy and Daddy....

....and the S'mores!!
Avery had her first taste of toasted marshmallow. Unlike her Mommy and brother (and more like her Daddy!) she was NOT a big fan of the sweet and sticky confection. Seriously, this kid CAN'T be mine.

This boy, however? DEFINETLY mine!

 We are loving our trailer trailer/camper! I see many, many more weekend trips in our immediate future!  Happy Trails!

Hey, BTW, if you want to read up on the decorations I've been making for Hunter's upcoming 3rd birthday (PIRATE theme!), then click here! I can NOT believe my sweet baby boy is turning THREE this Saturday. *Sniff Sniff* It really DOES go by so fast.


Flea said...

Okay, I know it's been a long time since I've read anyone's blog, but SERIOUSLY? You have TWO kids? And Big D is HALF the size he was?!? ROCK. ON.

My blog's not working, so no use visiting unless you want to see duck photos.

April said...

OMGosh it's been like FOREVER! How are you? Yup, Avery is going on 17 months old and Hunter is 3!! How is family doing!??!?