Saturday, July 07, 2012

Holy crap...could we fit anymore in???

Wow, I've been away from blog-land for a while now. I've been enjoying summer and my WEEK OFF from work, especially! Did lots in the last 10 days or so.

Adult night out with some good friends at a nearby restaurant...we were sitting at their outdoor patio with a view of the lake:

A trip to Beardsley Zoo for me and the kiddos. We went with my girlfriend and her three kids. While it was super hot-hot-hot, we still had a great time:

This was when they were all super sweaty, and getting tired of walking...can you tell?

Hunter's second time on a carousel. This time went MUCH better than his first, when he was about 1 year old.

Avery wasn't altogether sure what to make of it.

We also got in some swimming this week. I took the kids to my friend's MIL's pool where they had a great time playing with her two girls and swimming:

This was RIGHT before they all got yelled at for playing on the Bilco doors. Heh.

We also had a fabulous 4th of July picnic right here at home with lots of friends, food, fun and fireworks right off our dock:

The kids loved our mini-bounce house.

Daddy tried it out but sunk it briefly. LOL

My patriotic babies.

After a looooong busy day, Avery was ready for bed.

Snaps in the driveway!

My deviled eggs were BANGIN'!

Hunter was NOT a fan of the "loud" fireworks. He fell asleep in my lap, jumping at every one. I finally brought him inside when I was sure he was asleep.

And last but not least was our beach day with The Captain's Wife and little miss K...let me preface this by saying, don't let the "fun" pictures fool you. Beach day was NOT a success. My children seemed to have inherited the "anti-beach" gene from their father. No beach-bunnies like Mommy. This was seriously the only FUN moment the two of them actually had:

And then there is the day AFTER the beach. We spent it hurrying little Miss Avery to the pediatrician for the hives that covered her ENTIRE body. She seeemd to have an allergic reaction to "something". Not sure if it was the sunscreen, the sun, the sand, or what:

But all in all, I had a FANTASTIC vacation week! Big D and I also bought something I'm super excited for...hint, is a pic that maybe you can guess from:

Yup, you guessed it...a camper!! This pic is actually from a different one we looked at but it was cute cuz Hunter hopped up at the table, unprompted, and started happily swinging his legs back and forth. And then told me, "Eat dinner at table, Mama!" It was adorable and of course I HAD to get a picture. ;-) I can not wait to have lots of fun camping trips with my children! I have so many great memories of camping with my parents and brother and I just want to share that now with MY own family. 

And last but not last, here is my little diva, in her sunglasses:


Carrie27 said...

Looks like an awesome week of fun! E can only certain sunscreens, but his skin creates tiny dots vs. hives. yikes!

The camper will be so much fun!

Kat said...

Wow! That all looks awesome (except for the hives-poor baby!) !!!
I love D's shirt in the top pic. My hubby has that one too. ;)
LOVE the pic of D holding Avery. Awww.
I am so jealous of the camper! We have been looking into one too. Or maybe even an RV. When I was little we just camped with tents but a camper or RV would make more sense with a big family, I think. Love it! Can't wait to see more pics! :)

Sarah said...

Glad to see you are having a great summer! I've taken a little break from blogland too but have vowed to come back and post more often. You do the dame, chickie! ;)

The Paschke Family said...

Looks like you've had a fantastic time with your family! Love all the pics. xx

CanadianMama said...

Looks like such a fun summer so far! But what's with these kids not liking the beach!
ps. the "my deviled eggs were bangin'" comment had me howling!!