Monday, August 06, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Hunter!

Saturday was a fabulous day.

We celebrated my son, Hunter, turning three years old!

Three years ago, August 4th, 2009, I became a Mother for the first time and held the sweetest baby boy in my arms who I'd held in my belly...

...(and heart!) for nine months.

I seriously couldn't have been happier.  Little did I know at the time, that that intense feeling of love would grow and consume me whole. 

And now? As cliche at it sounds, I couldn't imagine a second without this little man in my life!

We spent the weekend camping and what an amazing and fun way to celebrate a birthday!  Dirty fingernails, fishing poles, walking ankle deep in cool water (and if you are 3 years old, flopping on your belly on wet river rocks), hot dogs, Mommy's cupcakes, blowing bubbles, camper showers, toasty campfires, catching frogs, playing cars w/your sister in the dirt, holding a (dead! ack!) fish in your hands, and being sung 'happy birthday' to around the picnic table.


Hunter continues to make all of us laugh every day with his sweet smile, jokes and silly behavoirs. 

He is empathetic to others, and loving to his family.  We get hugs and kisses every single day.  Told "I wuv you" on a regular basis.   

He is a HUGE Daddy's boy.  But just as equally, a Mommy's boy to the core.  He doesn't discrimate and love his parents equally!

And as a big brother? He teaches Avery so much. The good AND the bad.  Hunter kisses her cheek and hug her shoulders and in the next second, in typical sibling fashion, he will steal the toy right from her chubby grip. We're still working on the sharing!

Daryl put Hunter to bed the other night and was laying next to him, while he slowly drifted off to sleep.  He leaned over and whispered to Hunter, "I love you, bubba" to which Hunter whispered back, half-asleep, "I wuv you Dada." 

"Did you have a good birthday camping this weekend, bubs?" Daryl asked him softly while brushing back the hair on his forehead.  Without missing a beat, eyes still closed, Hunter whispered back, "Yes Dada. I wuv camping, Dada."

These are the memories we'll have...and cherish...forever.

Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet little man!


Kat said...

Now that sounds like an awesome birthday! Wow! Just perfect!
And who can believe he is THREE already! Holy moly. Time just flies.
That last pic just melts my heart. Such a cutie.
Happy Birthday, Hunter!

The Paschke Family said...

What a lovely blog post to read!! What a special little man you have there!