Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On the road to healthy......

Thank you for your words of encouragement
(and threats of ass-kicking) for Big D and I!
I really think though, that we won't need the ass-kicking.  Finally. Finally.
Daryl and I have had MANY talks since last Wednesday night and he has said repeatedly he DOES NOT WANT TO DIE.
He wants to be here for his children, to see them grow, and so they can KNOW who their Daddy is. And of course, to be here for me!
So, we've agreed to tackle this obstacle together and turn it into a way of life. When he's made comments of how he will be "missing out" on certain foods, I keep reminding him he will NOT. I'm going to try to my hardest to make a healthier version for him. Yes, it won't taste exactly like it's full fat, full carb, full sugar counterparts, but I'm certainly to going to try to get it as close as I can.
I've been researching online like crazy. And getting meal ideas from my (awesome) boss. 
Really, the only "hard" part for us is that we (I!) need to now plan ahead. No more last minute food decisions. No more spur of the moment grocery shopping unless we have a specific list and meal plan for the week in hand, to know what we are going to BUY.  And as much as Daryl has teased me in the past, I am going back to meal planning. I HAVE to.
I need ways to make this easier on ME since I'm the one who will be preparing most of it. Daryl is actually more of a cook in this house, but he's super last minute on food and cooking decisions and we just can't be that way anymore.
And speaking of me? Remember how I kept talking about how I needed to take care of myself? Um, have i? No. That has to change, too. I can't be a good mother, wife, if I'm losing my mind. And unhealthy.
So.....with the gentle guidance of my new doctor, I'm going on Zoloft. I am not going to sigh and curse and moan. It IS what it is!
WISH us luck on this journey.
Will it be a bumpy road, with many twists and turns? Hell yes. But will it hopefully be a nice looooooong and scenic route (instead of a sudden, sad drop off) for all of us??


Kat said...

Yay! I am so glad to hear it. And it really has to be a family thing. A way of life.
That being said, it doesn't mean that he has to miss out on anything. Really and truly. The husband and I always say that it is about moderation. Think about it. The foods you really love (pizza, ribs, fried chicken) are usually the ones that you PIG OUT on. For me anyway. And that is what needs to be stopped. You can't have those foods all the time and you can't eat a TON of them, but you can still have them. If you completely cut something out of your life (especially a lot of things) that is when you will start to feel like you are depriving yourself and that always will end up coming back to bite you.
I would say for the first few months try and eat as healthy as you possible can (and exercise!) and then you will notice that you crave those foods less and less. When you do want to eat some pizza or have some fried chicken, it always helps me if it is at a party or get together, and then I only have a little bit (where as if we just order a big pizza as a family then I will probably want to have more- cuz there it is staring me in the face!).
Go for family walks together, and maybe when you feel comfortable you can both try running. Honestly, I used to HATE running but now I love it. It is a godsend. And when you burn that many calories it does allow you to eat something you love once in a while. Running is cheap and easy and you can do it pretty much anywhere. I even run outside in winter (in WISCONSIN).

Anyway, it is SO DO-ABLE! It is all about portion control and moderation. Also, the responsibility should not be all on you. Make D help out and be involved because he will be more successful that way. He needs to be able to know what he should be eating, how it is prepared, what to shop for, instead of you just putting the food in front of him. He needs to step up and take charge of it himself, ya know? You can do it together, but he needs to be actively involved in all of it.

Good luck! I know you can do it!

Bekah said...

You have to start somewhere, and lady - dont you dare be ashamed of needing a little help too. You are a wonderful momma, a caring wife, and you have a lot on your shoulders, there is nothing wrong with admitting you arent feeling yourself! Im proud of you!

The Paschke Family said...

GOOD LUCK!! Matt and I have lost what I calculated to over 40lb each this year solely by changing out diet. I'm here if you have any questions! xx