Saturday, October 27, 2012

Holy De-ja-vu, Batman.

I'm having a serious sense of de-ja-vu.

Last year in August 2011, a hurricane was on the way, eventually down-grading to Tropical Storm Irene but still packing a wallop! 

It was a MISERABLE storm. I remember huddling in the living room with the kiddos (Daryl was on ambulance calls) as the wind whistled and shrieked, trees shook all over us and the normally placid lake turned into a wavy, churning mass of looked like the ocean!

This picture does it NO justice. It looked worse at times!

Lots of damage, trees down, flooding and.... no power for at least a week!   There were generators selling out everywhere, nowhere to get gas, and LOTS of  candles and battery powered lamps in use.

We had over $200 worth of food in our fridge go to complete and utter waste. Had to scoop water out of the lake to fill up the tank on our toilet so we could go to the bathroom. We sparingly used toilet paper becuz our grinder pump had no electricity to pump the waste out to the main sewage line.

And worst of all? Our close friends (and their three children) lost their house and 3 dogs and 1 of their 2 cats to a horrible house fire (caused by a candle left going while they slept) that literally they escaped from with singed hair and some smoke inhalation. 

I still cry when I think of all they lost. The loss of their home was an incredible blow but the lives of their 3 dogs and 1 cat is something that can never be replaced. They were some of THE sweetest fur-babies I've known.

And then in October, as people still cleaned up the mess from Irene...the forecasters started predicting...a NOR'EASTER.


Um, a horrible snow storm in October? Before Halloween even has hit? Craziness!

And this storm was bad with a capital "B".
Most of the leaves were still on the trees so the extra added weight of the snow and leaves caused tree limbs and branches down EVERYWHERE. Business and house roofs collapsed from the weight of the snow. It was chilly and of course, you guessed it, we had NO POWER.

Yup, almost all of the state had no power for a MINIMUM of a week. Another shitty week of missed work, mess to clean up, and all over the news...people getting injured or DYING from improper use of a generator!

And I also called this the year of the Non-Halloween.

Halloween was a complete and total BUST. With no power, and tree limbs and power lines still down all over the roads, it was a dangerous mess out there. In no way, shape or a form was it safe for kids to go trick-or-treating.

And yes, it may be pathetic, but I cried.  I remember siting in the semi-dusk, bored out of my mind and depressed that this was Avery's 1st Halloween and Hunter's third Halloween...the one where he actually knew how to say "Twick or Tweat" and was super excited about wearing his Woody costume.  Thankfully, he was still young enough though to not quite understand that Halloween was a certain DAY, and both kids fell asleep on the couch that night, in the cool darkness, by 6:45pm. 

It was NOT a fun Halloween (although I was happy we had no serious damage to contend with. Some  shingles blew off the roof, lots of limbs down, one of which fell on our truck but didn't damage it, thankfully.) but we were all safe!  We had a little Halloween costume dress-up the next day where I took the kids pictures!

So, this year was supposed to be our do-over. Now Avery is the one who can say "Twick or tweat!" and Hunter picked out his own Halloween costume (originally a skeleton, but it was too small so when we went to return it--and saw no more skeletons in his size--he chose a fireman instead).  And Mommy is ready with a witch hat, spider ring and web earrings.

And what's going on? Why,  Hurricane Sandy is on her way, of course!

I've already resigned myself to the fact that there will be no Halloween this year. We are stocked up on batteries for our flashlights, candles, wood and paper for our wood stove (if hasn't really been THAT cold yet), bottled water...and a generator!

We bought a generator this summer when we purchased our camper. So that will be useful in keeping the fridge going, some lights, my KEURIG (VERY important!) and maybe the TV to watch some movies for the kids. Last year, Hunter didn't understand and kept asking to watch Mickey. I felt so bad that I couldn't get him his morning daily dose of Mickey for a WEEK!

And last night we went to a local town's trick or treat! It was on Main Street, and local businesses participated so it was fun for the kids to get their costumes on, get some candy and fun for Mommy to get some pictures!
My grumpy little fireman had just fallen about 20 min. before this picture, bloody-ing up and loosening his bottom front tooth so he was NOT cooperative for pictures!
Even Mommy got in on the Halloween fun!

Getting ready to get our TRICK or TREAT on!


I loved the pics of Hunter (on the right) and his little buddy Anthony, strutting around in their firemen gear!

What? Did somebody say free donuts at Dunkin??
So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this storm is waaaaaaaaaaaay less damaging and (strong!) than predicted (although I'm not holding my breath). I'm also praying for the houses all on the coast! NO flooding!

And of course, can we puh-leeze have Halloween this year? ;-)

Stay safe, everyone!


Kat said...

Wow. Just wow. That is so scary. And a major pain in the butt too.

So glad the kiddos got to go out, try on their costumes, and get some trick or treating done! They look adorable!!!

Stay safe! I'm sending prayers your way!

Carrie27 said...

At least you took them to an event where they could wear their costumes, just in case. Fingers crossed and hoping you all stay safe!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

So glad you got some pre-Halloween trick or treating in..and I hope you all are okay with the store.