Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What happened to Thanksgiving???

Can I vent?

No this isn't about world peace or ending hunger or any other super serious topic.

I want to complain about the fact that the retail world stops advertising anything really Thanksgiving-ish RIGHT AFTER HALLOWEEN ENDS!!!

GRRRR!! This burns me up!

I can only shop for one holiday at a time. I like to add a couple of new things to my decor each year (maybe throw away something that's really old and 'eh' from previous years). And I saw some cute Thanksgiving decorations before Halloween. Granted, Halloween had like THREE aisles at Michael's where Thanksgiving took up one aisle's end cap.

ANYWAY, I figured I had plenty of time to get any Thanksgiving/Fall-ish decor after Halloween.

Um, NO. I hit the stores and suddenly it's CHRISTMAS!!  Now, I'm all for settting up your Christmas decor as early as you want...I'm one of those people that needs PLENTY of time to enjoy my pretties! (we get our fresh Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.)

But, what happened to Thanksgiving? I know it's not a money-maker, it's probably only a "big" deal to the grocery stores selling the turkeys and stuffing, etc.  But seriously? To SKIP it all together?

I LOVE Thanksgiving. Always have. Always will.  For as long as I've lived on my own (not with my parents), I'd wake up and turn on the tv to get ready to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I'd pop some cinnamon buns in the oven, brew some coffee and then gather all the ingredients I needed to start prepping my turkey.  I've been cooking turkey on Thanksgiving since the first year I moved out on my own, at about 22 ish years old.  I have many fun memories...especially the two years in a row I cooked my turkey upside down (my Dad pointed it out to me when they arrived at my house) resulting in THE most delicious, moist turkey ever...and the first few years when I'd call my parents practically in tears cuz I "Just can't stick my hand in THERE to get the guts!! I can't DO it, Dad!" ha ha ha!

A turkey from years past, pre-kids.
And while watching the parade, I'd slather down and stuff my turkey, eat a yummy gooey breakfast, catch bits of the parade and just generally feel GOOD.

Thanksgiving is a day I always feel...THANKFUL.  Even more so once i met Daryl and could share my tradition with him. And now with the kiddos! This year I think Hunter is finally big enough to watch and enjoy the parade on tv with me, and I'm excited for that.
Here is Avery last year, for her first Thanksgiving!

So...what I'm trying to say is, WHY do the stores feel it necessary to rush us past this warm and family-oriented holiday and straight into Christmas?

Oh, that's right. To make MONEY.  Ugh. Annoying.

I will NOT be shopping for early-Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving. I will be home with my familiy of four, warm and cozy in our home as the smell of delicious turkey wafts through the air and happy memories of Thanksgivings past fill my head.  We will eat mashed potatoes, and broccoli cheese casserole, and homemade pumpkin pie and I will teach my 3 year old son what it is to BE thankful and happy, this time of year and ALL year round.


Bekah said...

Oh my gosh, the new pic up top! I love it!

But anyway! I totally agree - I am sick of rushing from one holiday to the next! For me, Christmas season starts Dec. 1st. It is my birthday, and my 'present' is always a family outing to get our tree!

Kat said...

Excellent! And I agree! Read my Thanksgiving Comes First post and then link this post up too! It is perfect for it!
Holy exclamation marks! ;)

Carrie27 said...

Love the new pic!

I set up Xmas decor today - simply because we will be out of state for Thanksgiving and hubby is gone so it is going to take days to get everything up.