Saturday, February 02, 2013

Wow...have i been scarce from this little blog 'o mine or WHAT lately!?!?
Life just seems to be whizzing past at locomotive speeds. I'm holding on for dear life, afraid of the intense speed some days, but determined to enjoy every burst of air in my face...every scenic snippet that passes me by...
My children.
They continue to grow in leaps and bounds. 
My sweet little baby boy...he is 3 1/2 and the funniest little stinker you'll ever meet.

He busts out with the funniest words/phrases/stories...I don't know WHERE he gets half of it from! (Like last night, wile getting our taxes done? Hunter started talking to the woman about Alcatraz...seriously, little dude? How did you ever hear about Alcatraz???) He is what I lovingly call "ditzy", just like his Mama. ;-) He's also just as clumsy as me. Heh. The poor kid constantly covered in bruises from falling/stumbling/bumping into walls. 
 I can't believe he will be four years old this August. We're looking into preschool...PRESCHOOL! My BABY, in school? I get choked up just thinking about it... I often tell Hunter that he is my sweet baby boy. "No, Mama. I'm not a baby. I'm a BIG BOY!" He corrects me. I have to remind him, "Bubs, you will ALWAYS be my sweet baby boy."

And then there is my baby. My girl. My youngest. I feel like I just gave birth to her and yet here I look at the calendar and see that in less than two months, she will be TWO YEARS OLD. 

Holy crap. WHEN/HOW did that happen? My feisty little firecracker girl, she is going to be a handful as she grows, that I know for sure! She's also the silliest kid ever. I often call her "my little goofball".
She LOVES to make everyone laugh. If I pretend to cry, she instantly is by my side rubbing her hand down my cheek or patting my back.

Her favorite person ever is her brother, her "Bubba". She loves him with a love that's almost fierce, it's so strong!
 It fills my heart up to over-flowing to see them just as they were before bedtime tonight...huddled together on the couch under a blanket, Hunter saying softly to Avery, "Sissy, I love you."
These two...they SLAY me.
And then there is some other stuff going on, some stuff I can't go into details about yet. But what could be good for my family! :-) And business with my etsy shop is picking up, I am SO thankful for that! I also am really enjoying my FB page for Itty Bitty Bow Boutique!  
Anyway, I hope to get back into a slightly regular blogging schedule very soon!