Sunday, March 17, 2013

Come inside, it's fun inside! Avery's 2nd Minnie (and Mickey) Birthday Party!

My baby girl turned two  years old on Friday!
SUPER excited about her new purse and shoes. She's SUCH a girl!

*sniff sniff* Time flies, doesn't it?

We celebrated with a Minnie (and Mickey) Mouse Birthday Party on Saturday with family and friends! Lots of pics, so buckle your seat belts...

We hear this phrase on a daily basis in my house! My kids are HUGE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans.

I made all the decorations myself: cupcake toppers, mickey head confetti, birthday banner, mickey silhouette and also circle garland, table centerpiece, "2" yellow pots on the mantle, Mickey and Minnie ears for my kids, kids goody bags, the Mickey ears on party hats that I purchased, Avery's bow and beaded necklace...I was super busy leading up to this party! :-)

Big D made the cake himself. I seriously love that man!
Mickey and Minnie enjoying a snack before the party begins!

Good God, these two are so cute...I could just EAT them!

And Mommy made the cupcakes! Yum, yum.
Are you tired of pics yet?? No?? Ok, more!

Before I took this picture, I asked Avery: "Who is this birthday party for today?" To which I got an enthusiastic, "ME!"

She loved EVERY single gift. Even the clothes!

Scrambling for the pinata!

My handsome little devil, Hunter, ready to dive into his sweets from the pinata.

 Such a fabulous day for my sweet, beautiful girl.  We're so lucky that she completed our family!


Kat said...

Two already!!!! Oh my! I can't believe it. I feel like she was just born! Wow.

You are so creative! What a great party!

Happy 2nd Birthday to your baby girl!!!

Alisa Resnick said...

I can't beleive you made all of that! You are so creative. Avery is looking beautiful... she will grow up to look like a lovely girl.

Bekah said...

such a cute party!!! Two already?! Sheesh! And to think we "met" through blogging back when we were both newlyweds.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

TWO? T-W-O? No way!

Such a cute party theme, too. Love it!

Happy birthday, Avery!