Monday, March 11, 2013

The Bad and The Ugly (No Good)

Oh. My. Gawd.

I am the worst blogger in the worlllllllld. 

I have neglected you, my little corner in the blogosphere.

And I totally wasn't going to make excuses (it's not you, it's me...really) but seriously, where the hell have i been?


I'm so very tired. This has been a long-ass winter.  I'm not a huge fan of winter (at least not AFTER Christmas is over). It's blah, it's cold, it's depressing. I need warmth, fresh air, my flip flops and tanks.  And I need some good luck!

The sickness...oh man, it was never-ending. It started with Big D, filtered down to Hunter's fever and dry-heaving, knocked Avery on her tiny hiney with the coughing and the pghlegm...and then suddenly after three days of VERY muffled (like, imagine a GIANT blown-up balloon in your ear, blocking all hearing) I suddenly realized, "Hmmm, I've been sick for a while and it's getting worse not better." So on a Sunday morning I dragged my butt to the first open Walk-In Clinic I could find and was told I had a double ear infection ("Your ear drums look like bright red cherries!") and a horrible sinus infection.  And then both ears were clogged briefly, then one unclogged while the other clogged up. FML. It was a torturous 10 days.

Of course, my silly 3 1/2 year old always chose to speak into the ear that I couldn't hear out of. Like, EVERY DAY. Did I say *SIGH* yet?

Then last week. I dropped the kids off at my mom's and was psyched I had a little extra time before work to kill so I headed off with a plan in mind: Michael's to exchange something and buy some more scrapbook paper to make Avery's upcoming birthday party decorations, followed by a big fat VENTI Starbucks latte. As I salivated at the thought of the latte, suddenly a scream ripped out of me and my teeth clacked together and my first thought was, "What the FUCK just happened?" Followed by "Oh shit, someone just hit my car. GOD DAMN IT!"

I pulled over and the guy who rear ended me came up to my window to ask if I was ok. I had such a HUGE adrenal rush that I could barely speak, I was shaking so bad. Couldn't even dial my phone to call the police and could only lean on the key pad where it said 'Daryl Cell' to let him know I was just in an accident. 

It was not a bad accident, in the grand scheme of things.  (1) My Kids were not in the car. Thank you, God.  (2) my Ford Fusion must be built like a tank so I wasn't really hurt! While the guy who hit me, his whole front end was all smooshed in, the back of my car looked "ok". Granted, the mechanic is estimating SO FAR over $4,000 worth of damage and he has not even lifted it up yet to look at the body. We just ordered two new car seats (cuz I'm too worried about the integrity of those seats now for my children to use them!) and had one medical visits so far (I went to the walk-in ER near our home later that day for back/shoulder pain and tingling, numbness in my arms down to my hands). But thankfully, it could always have been worse and I realize that. The other driver was clearly at fault and admitted to the cop that he was "distracted". Um, you're an asshole!!

So, the day after the accident, Big D took the day off from work to get some stuff accomplished (dropping car off at shop, picking up rental, calling insurance, etc). That morning he admitted that his stomach hurt really bad  and he had been up all night.

I got home from work around 2pm and he was worse, in a LOT of pain, and had even taken a pain pill from his last episode of pancreatitis. I was CONVINCED that's what it was again and was bawling at work, convinced my hubby was going to die on me. A body...a not made to have Pancreatitis FOUR TIMES.   I forced him to test his glucose and it was high (292) and he went and did lab work and missed work the rest of the week.

The Dr. initially thought it was his gall bladder that needed to come out but after an ultra sound, they determined that his spleen is inflamed. Ugh.  More shit to worry about. He is feeling better but couldn't go back to work today due to not having the Dr note yet. And he did more (Detailed) blood work so hopefully he will hear back from the Dr. tomorrow. I'm so tired of worrying. I'm sick to my stomach over it and literally in my head I have had day-mares (my daytime version of nightmares) of Daryl dying and leaving me a widow. It freaks me the hell out. Like to the point of intense anxiety. :-P

Oh, and did I mention we are also house-hunting? With the accident and Daryl's medical issues, the house-hunting sort of took a back burner, but we do want to get out of our current home (renting from family...DOUBLE UGH) so that is stressful too.

So really...I just need Spring. A little bit of redemption from this shitty winter. That's not too much to ask for, right?? RIGHT?

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Kat said...

Oh. My. Word.
When it rains (or snows) it pours, huh? Cripes!! Enough already!
Well, they say bad things happen in threes so I think you're done. The sickies, the car accident (at least the guy admitted fault right away), and Daryl's stomach. Three. Done.

Praying for respite from life's problems for you for a nice long time. Hang in there!