Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm alive and it's just about SUMMER!

I'm alive!!!

Hello, everyone. Hope life has been treating you good. I SERIOUSLY want to catch up on everyone's blogs but I just HAVE. NO. TIME.  Work, home, my bow-business, summer (camping!)...we've been so busy.

And my kids are getting huge.

Hunter will be four on August 4th but he looks more like he's turning FIVE. No lie!

And little Miss Avery turned two years old on March 15th. She is almost as tall as her big brother, and definitely waaaaaaaaaaaay fresher than he was at this age! Girls! ;-)

I'm doing ok. We've already been camping like four (five?) times this year and I'm loving it! Our camper is teeny-tiny but it definitely make camping SO much easier. Especially in the rain. Like Memorial Day weekend where it rained 3/4 of the darn weekend. But we still managed to have a

super fun time, in New Hampshire! Took the kids to an awesome farm where we got to touch and feed all kinds of animals, cooked out, played games in the camper when it was especially rainy and/or cold, took walks and talked about the "fairies" living in the was a great long weekend!

And July 4th weekend we're going camping in Maine.  This time we'll be going with about three other families. It will be a blast! Just hope the weather cooperates this time. ;-)

Making lots of memories with the kids!  That's what is most important to me and Big D!

 I'll be by to catch up with all of you soon, but until then, enjoy the start of your summer!!