Sunday, December 08, 2013

Hellooooooooo, out there!

What a terribly depressed, sad and neglected little blog this is! What's it been...six or seven months since I last posted? (honestly I thought it was even longer!)
No idea if anyone even reads it anymore, but just in case, here goes!
Life is BUSY. Often hard, but I love my family to pieces and that hasn't changed one little bit. :-)
The kiddos?? They are SO big, sometimes (oh, ok, OFTEN) trying to my patience, but almost always HILARIOUS! I laugh every day at something they've done...if I'm not crying. Heh heh.
Hunter turned FOUR YEARS OLD this past August.
I still can't believe it. He is still my sweet boy but he's definitely become a bit feistier, learning more every day about WHO he is and WHERE he fits in this world. Needless to say, he doesn't always agree with his Mama, but he is still ready to give me a big HUG and a KISS after a disagreement.
He started preschool this year and is absolutely FLOURISHING.
I couldn't be happier. My boy has learned SO much. There is still a few things to work on before he would be ready for kindergarten (EMOTIONAL, like his Mama!) but academically he is doing AWESOME. 
Little Miss Avery is 2...well technically 2 3/4! Her 3rd birthday is coming up in March and I'm planning her a super fun "Sweet Shoppe" themed birthday party. Becuz, the girl most certainly is SWEET!
Avery is extremely independent, super stubborn (like her Dad!) but also GIRLY to the extreme.
She loves tutus, princesses, wearing pretty bows in her hair that Mama makes. She LOVES her doggy, Tucker, with a passion and shows him every day. She is STILL quite the lover and cuddler, which I'm so thankful for. I enjoy my squeezes when I get them. :-)
And Big D and I????? Yes, we're still dorks.
Some things never change, do they??? ;-)
P.S. Just in case I don't get back on here before Christmas (which is a possibility!)....then Merry Christmas!!!