Monday, March 17, 2014

Avery's 3rd Birthday Sweet Shoppe Party!

If I never look at another sweet or piece of candy, it will be too soon. Well at least for the rest of the week, anyway. Ha!

This past Saturday was Avery's 3rd Birthday! My "sweet as candy" girl is 3. How did that happen? Or more accurately, when did that happen? Seriously, I still sometimes feel like I JUST gave birth to her! My baby!

Look how BIG she is!!!
Months ago, I started planning her birthday party. After seeing some fun ideas on other blogs and Pinterest, I decided to do a Sweet Shoppe party. BOTH kids were totally on board with the idea. I mean, come on, a party DEVOTED to sugar? A kid's dream.

So....this post is going to have a TON of pictures. Just warning you! Grab a snack, take a seat, and check it out! I'll be posting some more about certain party details on my craft blog, pretty soon.

The invitation, to set the theme!
Ignore the buttons, I threw them in to
cover up my address and phone number.
The night before the party, Big D spent 5 hours baking and decorating
his daughter's birthday cake!

He has been making Hunter and Avery's cakes since Hunter was 2. It's become a fun tradition!

The actual day started with a birthday (unfrosted) cupcake
 and gifts from Mommy, Daddy and Hunter.


She was in her glory!  She instantly wanted to put her "birtsday dress" on but I told her the party didn't start until 3pm. 

Some of the party details!
The adorable candy shaped birthday banner my friend made.

I had my cotton candy machine, party hats and the kids favors on this table. The favors were a mixture of candy flavored chapstick, small bottles of bubbles and cupcake shaped/scented bath fizzies.  Oh, and almost forgot, whirly pops.

This sticker was on the whirly pops.
For drinks, we had pink lemonade, water and cans of soda.  I had cute little plastic milk bottles with straws for the kids and this turned out to be a blessing, since the kids were running all over with drinks. No spills! Some of the snacks by the drinks were white chocolate covered popcorn (with sprinkes!) and goldfish for the kiddos.
Both of these were in the cute little polka dot cups, perfect for little (and big!) hands.

 And here are some random shots of d├ęcor, my mantle, etc.
The design used throughout the party printables.

Sorry about the terrible lighting on these. I didn't realize I Had my flash on and I never went back to look at the pics (cuz I was hurriedly taking some pics as people arrived).

I used paper lanterns instead of balloons (in the coordinating party colors) and a couple of the lanterns I tied up with cellophane to look like candies.

Lanterns and a couple of polka dot and striped pennant banners hung throughout. Both from Oriental Trading.
 Now, onto the fun part...the sweets!!! Here is the cake my Big D made. It says "Averys's Sweet Shoppe" on it.  He also made and frosted all the cupcakes! He's good like that. ;-) I decorated them with cupcake toppers (using the party printable a friend of mine made, that I cut into circles and attached to lollipop sticks. Also, there were fake little "candies" toppers made out of Styrofoam, wrapped in tissue paper, and stuck on a toothpick.

He also cut the letters all out free-hand, no cookie cutters or anything!
And now, it's SWEET SHOPPE time!! Here is the sweets table. This is actually before some of the homemade goodies were put out. I still had to put out the Cookie Dough Truffle Pops (which were an INSANE HIT!! I probably had out like 25 on the table and they literally disappeared in a matter of like 10 minutes). 
We also had mini Pink Lemonade (no-bake) Cheesecakes and the mini Cherry Pies. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of most of those. If anyone wants recipes, let me know and I'll share them here.

There was so much fun yumminess on the table: blue raspberry rock candy, green apple twizzlers, gumballs, candy bracelets, candy dots, m-n-m's, sixlets, white chocolate covered popcorn, Hershey kisses, dum dums, oreos, mini powdered and chocolate covered donuts and flavored marshamallows!

 Most of the candy came from Walmart, Oriental Trading but a few random items were picked up elsewhere, like the candy dots from Toys R Us when I just happened to spot them!

Here is a pic my friend took that actually shows the last of the goodies put out...before everyone went to town filling their sweet tooth!
Now onto the party fun!! Lots of sugared up kids and adults!

My little Aves was SO exhausted but she kept plugging along.

 We didn't make the cotton candy till the majority of the party was gone (becuz I simply forgot) but that was probably a blessing.

This may possibly just be my most favorite party to plan and execute yet. And the best part was seeing the joy in my little girl's eyes throughout the whole process (she was a part of the planning and buying so the anticipation was AMAZING).
And when tucking the two kids into bed that night, I asked if she had a great birthday and what her favorite part of the party was, and she sleepily told me, "Yes, Mama. They sang "Happy 'Birtsday' to Avery Irene!" With the biggest smile on her face.
Yes. SO worth it.