Friday, June 06, 2014

Summer is here!

Summer is off to a great start in this household!
This is the first ever time in my adult life (well since age 15, really) that I am not working during the summer time and I have big, big plans for the kiddos! Now, money is super-de-doper tight (duh, me, not working. Remember?) but in no way will I let that stop us from enjoying every last moment. I especially want to suck up time with my soon-to-be-kindergarten-er before he is in school all day (fingers crossed, our damn town STILL hasn't let us know if it will be full day or half day kindy yet. Ugh!).
We've already taken a lot of walks around the lake, fished off the dock, had mini-picnics and even went camping Memorial Day weekend.
And watermelon slices by the lake? Sweet, in more ways than one!
My girl, Avery, caught her first fish! IN HER NIGHTGOWN. She's the real deal.
Our camping trip was awesome.
The girls rode up in one car with our friend's two kids, and the guys rode up in the other vehicle with my two kids.
 We went with close friends (who we call family. We spend holidays with these people!). It included one rain storm, lots of good food--sausage and peppers, cheeseburgers...
...smore's, oh and breakfast at Cracker Barrel on the ride up--glow in the dark bubbles...
 ...(actually a pinterest FAIL. Sure, they glowed in the cup. But NOT once in bubble form), more fishing...
 beautiful Vermont scenery... kids officially learning how to ride their bikes, and even some hiking!
Oh, and did I mention the road rage on the drive up and some dude driving backwards on the highway (people be CRAY-CRAY driving on holiday weekends. Seriously!)...
...endless tantrums... son peeing all over every inch of our campground, realizing I didn't pack enough clothing and towels as I usually did and two children having pee accidents, and hanging endless items on our camper to dry. Keeping it real, people.
All in all, it was a fun trip!  I'm really looking forward to our next one, to New Hampshire, in about a month. I'm sure it will be JUST as exciting! ;-)