Thursday, January 14, 2016

Avery's Frozen 4th Birthday Party!

Oh, right, since we're on the subject of birthday parties....Avery turned 4...almost a year ago! HA ha ha!

I'm planning her 5th birthday party right now, which will take place in only 2 1/2 short months, but in the meantime, here is her Frozen themed 4th Birthday Party!  Enjoy!

I tried to turn our house into a winter wonderland (instead of going heavy on the Elsa and Anna themed items) and it turned out pretty.  Lots of blue and silver and white, with snowflakes, fake snow and lights.

 In the kitchen I had some very light snacks (this party was mostly focused on the "Ice Cream Bar" in the dining room) with pretzel sticks (Olaf arms) and chocolate carrots (Olaf noses) and 3-ingredient crock pot meatballs (trolls!).
 That mountain of snow? Covering up all my cook books and mail on the counter. Hee hee.
 I had coffee, water (Melted Snow) and blue juice (Arrendale Punch).

In the living room, I had set up Avery's princess tent to pose as Arrendale (with some fake snow on top), the kids small table with crayons and Frozen coloring pages I printed off the internet, and a Snowball Toss game.

 We also had Pin the Nose on Olaf.  The kids loved it and it was just a cut-out I printed off internet, attached to back of our Ikea chalkboard and little orange carrot noses I cut out of cardstock.
Avery fell in love with her Anna/Elsa and Olaf balloons that I got from Amazon (along with with the white snowflake balloons you may see in the background).

 The mantel was pretty with some more fake snow and icicles, snowflake lights (from my Christmas stash), Avery's new Anna doll, a print out or two from the internet that I popped into frames, and the "Ice Queen" banner I made using my Cricut.

 The gift table had more fake snow on it, in addition to the goody bags and whirly pops.   I had a sign that I made that said "Thank you Snow Much" but it kept getting covered up by....SNOW.

Now onto the Ice Cream Bar...and my pretty little birthday girl dressed as Elsa! Her dress came from Amazon and was super inexpensive. Despite how cheap it was, it looked gorgeous on her!  The bow was one of her own (that I made) and she had on Elsa shoes from Target.

 I *may* have gone a little nutty on all the treats considering we were also having cake, cupcakes and ice cream!

 Waffle bowls from the grocery store and white ice cream bowls from Amazon. I had originally planned on making my homemade caramel and fudge sauce but ran out of time, so I bought the Hershey's brand and slapped on some cardstock and Frozen pictures.
 Chocolate and butterscotch chips above, and vanilla and chocolate crushed oreos below! Mmmmmm......

 I absolutely LOVE making this popcorn. I can vary it based on whatever party or holiday I am making it for! I kept it simple for this party and just did melted white chocolate with blue food coloring and some snowflake sprinkles.  So tasty!
 And my delicious and highly requested cookie dough truffles (Elsa Snowballs)! I gotta find the recipe again so I can link it here, cuz these are seriously SO good!
 Kisses to thaw a frozen heart!
 Maraschino cherries to top the sundaes. I also had gummy bears and sprinkles.

 More truffles (some on sticks until I got tired of putting them on sticks while making them LOL) and chocolate covered oreos (Kristoff's Ice Blocks).  I drizzled on the blue icing over the top. These are so yum-yum and looked so pretty on the table.
Time for birthday cake and cupcakes! The cake had multi-colored (I was going for the ombre blue effect) layers and I topped it with a 4, and little Elsa, Anna and Olaf toys (that Avery later got to keep...lucky girl).

 Cupcakes are my favorite, yum! I just can't have a birthday party without them!

 The cake had a slight gangsta' lean going on. I think it added to the "snowy mountain" character of it all.
The birthday girl was in LOVE with everything about her party. She asked me if we could do it again for her next party. LOL

Even Hunter loved it (although he flat-out REFUSED to wear the adorable Sven/Kristoff/Olaf shirt I got him.  "Mom, Frozen is for girls!". SOB! Break your mother's heart, why don't you, Kid???)

 All the Elsas (and 1 Anna!  Poor Anna is never fully respresented!)

 My pretty cake! And it tasted divine!

 One tired and happy birthday girl who enjoyed her magical party!  The End!

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mackyton said...

Yum! Yum! I started feeling hungry after looking at this blog. I am sure the food was delicious and I have to say she looks like a doll in that dress. I am also planning a princess themed party for my daughter and I have also finalized one of the palace like Chicago venues for the day.